How Guitar Hero saved my sanity

Every now and then you need to time travel to your younger days before your current life laden with responsibilities, bills and rabbit food for every goddamn meal. I love my life, but shit on a STICK it's busy and stressful and my kid insists on eating dinner every night after I get home from working all day - I mean, what is that EVEN ABOUT. Not to mention my mortgage company insisting that I pay them for my house every month. You won't just let me live here for free? Because it'd be a lot cooler if you did.

My point is, I spent this last weekend playing Guitar Hero and MarioKart, eating jalapeno cheetos (NOT flaming hot cheetos - they're different and it's important), watching nerky movies we've seen a thousand times, drinking beer, shooting all sorts liquor like we were 21 again and laughing with my best friend as if we see each other every week instead of twice a year at best. I didn't exercise. I didn't watch my calories or protein or food intake in general. I didn't set an alarm clock. 

We've been friends since the summer before junior year of high school when we were playing kickball during hell week of drumline camp and the boys stuck us out in the outfield together because they thought we'd be useless and she asked if I wanted to form a superhero crime-fighting dance team and I said FUCK YEAH because that sounded like way more fun than mysogynistic kickball and we made up names for ourselves and it turns out the boys were right because we didn't pay attention to the game at all. Aw.

I learned that I need to just sit and do nothing more often. I'm always going. It's hard to do this one with a 2 foot tall ball of energy around, but I could carve time out for relaxation. I just don't.

I learned that sometimes it works better if you lefty flip. (Wink.)

I learned that Malibu coconut rum tastes like suntan lotion and probably always has. Similarly, I was reminded that Captain Morgan spiced rum is fuggin' terrible, only made worse when you chase it with a Corona (the piss-wateriest of lagers).

I was also reminded that Rainbow Road can eat a dick. It's SO HARD. (twss)

I learned that my BFF and I have been friends for 12 years and across thousands of miles of distance for a reason (because we're both awesome, duh), because we're very different, but we're the same in the important ways.

No homo.

And finally, I learned that there's a cost associated with going 4 days without considering the junk you're eating and drinking and the exercise you're not doing. Cheers to a vacation from my organized chaos I call life, to best friends and to jalapeno cheetos. Now it's time to get back on track. Stay tuned for gym selfies and tweets about clean eating and ass sweat. Keepin' it real since that year I was born a while ago.


  1. Glad you had an awesome weekend, you deserved it!

  2. Whooo hoooo to weekends with best friends. I think we all forget that occasionally we need to take breaks from our everyday lives. Cheers to getting back on track :)

  3. That kind of break sounds epic and utterly required. It's so easy to get caught up in the mundane facets of every day life that it's just too easy to forget to have a good time.

    I also second the Captain Morgan hate. My friends all think it's the greatest thing ever, I think I'd rather the piss weak Corona over that. Blegh!

  4. Cheers to an awesome weekend! We all need that once in awhile!


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