Not like Oedipus

I had a date with a really great guy on Saturday. He's smart, funny and really cute. We had a great time, I think I'll keep him.

On a date, you laugh a lot (or at least I do - says the crazy single lady). You make the person you're with a priority over your phone or any other distraction. You're polite, engaging and you hold doors open. It's supposed to be fun.These are all things I'll teach my son as he grows older, so that hopefully one day when he goes out on an actual date with someone he'll have a solid foundation of what to expect and what is expected of him. Right now though, we dress in our nicer clothes and go get dinner at a sit down restaurant and maybe get dessert.

Gotta rock out this motherhood game.

We dressed up in our going out clothes and went out to dinner and one of his favorite activities - riding the escalators at the mall. Guys: put on a tie, iron out the wrinkles from your shirt and may your daughter feel like a princess. (For the record: wearing pants is a must.) Girls: OMG look how cute his tie is. 

Make sure to seize opportunities. Is there a guy walking around selling flowers? Buy her one. Is there a balloon man making a minion right as you walk into the restaurant? Boom, you know what to do.

A conversation we had at the restaurant:
Me: You look so handsome!
My son: Thanks, mommy. Mommy is pretty like french fries.

I'll take it.

After dinner we hit all the best parts of the mall, in the following order: the escalators, the Lego store, the kids play area with the gigantic plastic toys and the Disney store.

And then we rode off into the sunset on a pink motorcycle.

Some things I maybe could have done better: 

1) Maybe don't take him out in public for an extended period of time the first day I put him in big boy underwear all day. I got peed on twice and neither of us was happy about it.

2) Really just that first thing.

When we got home and got in our jammies, he snuggled up to me on the couch and said "Mommy, I had fun on our date," and I then I melted.


  1. I love dates with my little man. He's 8 and not little but I try to snuggle with him as much as possible. He thinks it's gross. :)

  2. That tie is too much! My kid would OWN me with all that adorableness!

  3. He is adorable--you're such a good mommy! Teaching him how to treat a lady on a date will make him a great husband one day!!!

  4. That's precious. What a sweetie. Glad you enjoyed your date!

  5. He looks so grown up and like a big boy in these pictures! Lone that you are training him to treat the ladies right.

  6. This was too sweet! Your little guy is just adorable. Sorry about the pee, though.


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