Patterned wall tutorial

I painted this patterned wall in my living room because I wanted some flair without painting an entire mural, so I thought painting a repetitive pattern on a 15 foot wall along the stairs was a nice compromise.

I also thought, "Hey, you know what would be great? If I scared away potential suitors with all the feminine decor."

True story: Back when I bought this place and I was furniture shopping with my aunt, she told me to buy what I wanted now, because at some point I'll be in a relationship again and I'll have to get approval before I buy furniture pieces. So I bought rainbow chairs and painted the walls with bright colors because I'M CHIPPER.

Step One: Create a stencil. I drew out this design on a piece of poster board. I like that it's imperfect and asymmetrical, but if you want it to be a perfectly symmetrical design, fold your poster board in half and draw half of it, then cut it out like we all use to do for hearts in elementary school.

Orange you glad I didn't make a silly joke here?

Step two: Trace your stencil along the whole wall. I taped it up with good ol' fashioned generic CVS brand scotch tape and went at it to the max with a No. 2 pencil.

Step three: Paint. It's smartest to paint the light color first because it's easy to paint over if you mess up, but I didn't do that because I'm a rebel. I painted all of the gray and then went back and filled in the white.

Some tips (just the tip):

My favorite brand of interior paint is Lowe's Valspar Signature Paint + Primer. It's worth the extra $4 or negligible amount to get this one over the basic one because the coverage is way better. Paint two coats? Ain't nobody got time fo' dat.

When I use a drop cloth, I use canvas because the plastic ones get annoying AF.

I don't bother taping the baseboards because that blue painters tape is a BALD FACED LIE. It doesn't work and you spend double the time because taping everything is more of a timesuck than training for a marathon. It's easier and more efficient to just be careful along the edges.

This was nice practice.
Now it's time to paint the really tall walls.


  1. I love it. I wish I could talk my husband into letting me do something like this. I am with you on the painters tape too.. waste of time and money. I am OCD about my edges and have a pretty sturdy hand so I am the only on that can touch the paint brush and take care of the trim and corner of ceiling/wall.

  2. I love your chairs!!!!! I have been trying for months to talk my husband into some chevron print chairs.

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