The Elevator Workout

I call this The Elevator Workout because you gon' need to ride the elevator tomorrow. Stairs will be a negative, Ghost Rider.

BEGIN with 15 minutes of sprints. Crank the dreadmill up to 10 and run 20 seconds, rest 20 seconds, run 20, rest 20, etc. until you get to 15 minutes. It's easy for the first 5, but just wait.

THEN do 50 weighted squats. 5 sets of 10. I'm up to squatting 165. (Hot damn, that's something I never thought I'd say.) I use the squat rack where the bar is attached to the rack so I don't die, especially because I workout alone most of the time. The machine is my spotter just in case my ass and quad muscles can't take the heat. Safety first! 

THEN do 100 walking lunges. Again, it's easy for the first 30 or so. Then shit gets real.

Then end it with a 2 minute plank, because abs are neat. You know what else is neat? Trying to hold your plank when your legs are jello and your arms are slip-sliding around because of ALL THE SWEAT.

It takes about 40ish minutes - perfect for a lunch hour workout. Plus, soon you'll be able to crack a walnut between your ass cheeks, and that's a pretty cool party trick.

For your Pinning pleasure.
Nobody should smile this big during The Elevator Workout. NOBODY.
I just hadn't finished the squats yet.


  1. Holy cow balls.

    I'm not going to do that. But I encourage the mess out of you too!

  2. Damn- I think I would die. Like fall over in the first 5 minutes of this exercise. I will nail the planking though :-)

  3. My lower body workout I did today now makes me feel inadequate! LOL

    You are a BEAST!

  4. You are a beast and look fabulous in that picture!

  5. Just reading this makes my knees hurt. You're a soldier! :)

  6. Oh my. Yea, that just makes me say OWIE by just reading it!

  7. I did this today and about died, but it was SO worth it. I also did it post hangover and sweated out tons of bad crap. Great post, LOVE, this will be a weekly leg workout for me.

  8. You are so damn hardcore. Sprints at 10??? Damn...


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