Happy Captain America Day

I kinda hate 5ks. I feel like I'm just getting warmed up and it's over, and I'm all that's it? (twss far too often ifyaknowwhatimean) BUT I've been out of my running rhythm lately with this weird stomach thing and residual knee pain and blah blah blah excuses. So I ran a 5k on Saturday because yolo and 'merica and #blessed.

Turns out this shirt needs to find a home in my closet ASAP.
Also, Happy Captain America Day, as my kid calls it.

True story: My bod hates running. The first 2ish miles of every single run are brutal. BRUTAL. Like cramps in my side totally want to quit and go home and eat cheesecake instead brutal. Every. Single. Run. But then all of a sudden the clouds part and pixie dust rains down on me from the heavens and I shift into autopilot for a while. That's when I can clear my head and get in the zone. It's when I sort out my problems and decide how I'm gonna tackle life and all that jazz. Just have to get through the initial 2 miles.

I thought autopilot was a myth until I became a runner. I promise you it's real, though. Pinky swear. 

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day. If you drink ALL the beer, don't forget to do ALL the burpees or run ALL the miles. And let's not forget to thank our military and remember our fallen friends.


  1. 5ks are the least fun running distance. Happy Captain America day!

  2. Yes, the 2 miles are so dull. They kill me more than running any longer distance!

  3. I agree the first two miles SUCK balls!!! I struggle so much and then I find my pace get in my groove and it is smooth sailing!

  4. Seriously, the first two miles are why I can't get deep into running. It is such a struggle. Maybe if I just keep going, autopilot will kick in for me too.

  5. I'm a little late to the party but totally relate to your thoughts on running. I thought it was just me. I LOATHE the first 2 miles. Sometimes mile 3 is a bitch too. Miles 4-6 are like floating through the air. I just don't run with my kid. He's super runner- like 5 minute miles and crap. Show off... ;)


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