Will somebody please think of the children?

I didn't get fat because Easy Mac was the only think I knew how to make in college (I knew how to make cereal, too). I got fat because I was so sheltered from sugar and sodas and terrible food as a kid that I went overboard when I became an adult and suddenly I could go get fried chicken with mashed potatoes (and NOT green beans) and a large Dr. Pepper whenever I wanted. Plus, it was so easy. I could walk to the convenience store and get a caramel latte and a package of donuts and nobody told me "no".

Had I been taught moderation as a child as opposed to elimination, I think things would have been different. Because I never got to drink cokes as a kid, suddenly this whole carbonated world was open to me and I overdid it. Had I been allowed, say, one or two cokes per week or something growing up, maybe, just maybe, I wouldn't have gone apeshit about ALL THE FOODS. This rule applies to everything bad for you (read: delicious), not just sody-pop.

So you know the lesson I learned? I'm gonna give my kid donuts sometimes. And candy. And chips. And coke. Does that mean I only give him shit food? No. That means I allow him to have the things he likes in moderation, which is a much better lesson to teach than scaring him into only eating healthy foods, in my opinion. I'll always offer him a healthy option, and sometimes he takes me up on it. The other night I wasn't counting on him eating all of the fish I cooked. All of it. As in, the fish I cooked for me, too. I'd be mad if I weren't proud of him for trying new things and being generally awesome.

Yanno, except fish.

Sometimes he asks me for blackberries. Sometimes he wants cheetos. I'm not gonna lose my shit when he wants to eat kid food for dinner - he's a kid. And there are some nights when the battle just isn't worth it. Take your chicken nuggets and gloat in your victory, kid. Mommy will get you next time.

The good news is that he sees me cooking healthy food. I keep fresh berries in the fridge at any given time because he loves them. Just because he doesn't want to eat the healthy food I'm cooking today, doesn't mean he's not learning. He's watching. They're always watching. (What a creepy way to end.)


  1. Angela (@Spamgela twitter and @Cookiemomster IG)May 1, 2014 at 6:46 AM

    or you have me on the other end of the spectrum who ate like shit all the time because my parents allowed it, had fat parents, was a fat kid, into a fat adult, and has a hard time not eating my feelings, because that's the only thing that brought me comfort when i was younger...yay!

  2. I couldn't have said it better!!!!! I'm assuming this had to go with your IG photo and people's responses ... well I am in the same boat as you! Some days my daughter wants oatmeal and strawberries for breakfast and other days is donuts and marshmallows. Some times it isn't worth the fight!! You are a great example for your son and that is all that truly matters =)

  3. This is exactly right! Growing up we were incredibly restricted with soda & junk foods - and then when I was on my own making my own money, all of a sudden - I WANT TO BUY/EAT ALL THE CRAP THINGS! I really do think if I had been taught moderation things would have been better when i hit adulthood.
    So, with my daughter (who is 3) - I do the same. She loves powdered donuts, sure they're crap, but she still gets them. And in the same sitting she'll eat her weight in cantaloupe. I'd rather teach her moderation than restriction.

  4. Perfect post. You know those Easy Mac Hatin Whiners just like to hear themselves talk. Their kids are chowin down on Happy Meals as they type. People just love to bring others down so they don't feel so bad about what they are doing.

  5. Another awesome post. I totally agree kids should be able to have their treats in moderation. I have a lot of friends and family that think we are weird because we don't keep soda in the house. My boys only get to have it when we go out to eat but, lately they have been choosing milk to go with there happy meals or wherever we are eating at. I must say makes me happy I know they are learning to balance treats and good food. Let the haters hate, they have nothing better to do sadly.

  6. Your doing a kick ass job!!

  7. Kids need to eat treats! I grew up in a similar, but less restrictive situation to the way yours sounded... but I do remember my mom putting me on diets starting around age 9. I really think one of the most important thing a parent can teach kids is how to make good choices, including good choices about food.


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