Does the carpet match the drapes?

Technically the answer is no, both figuratively and metaphorically. It's not even a technicality. It's just a no. I mean, when there is carpet it looks okay next to the drapes. No carpet is better, though. Because wood (floors).

My point is, I effing hate hanging curtains. HATE. But, as it turns out, grown ass women (and men!) are supposed to have window coverings, so I got some (last year) and promptly set them next to my window to hang, and there they stayed for 8 months because uuuuggghhhhhhh.

I decided it was time to shit or get off the pot with these monsters, so I went to Ikea and Target and bought more rods and curtains so I could curtain all the windows in one fell swoop because I like to go big or go home. So I put my big girl panties on and got out my power tools.

Oh, you thought I was joking.
My big girl panties have bug-eyed penguins on them.

I always feel like such a BOSS when I use tools. Sometimes I like to bake cookies and sometimes I like to solder things. I always like to wear no pants. That's lyfe.

I'm the proudest of these curtains:

I mean they're kinda plain (on purpose), but that's a double rod, y'all. (twss) Like the blue and the cream curtains are on separate rods. My brain exploded when I found out how easy this was to do. Step one: Go to Ikea. Step two: Look at the signs in the curtain rod section explaining exactly how to do just this. Step three: Don't forget to buy screws because Ikea hardware doesn't come with them. Step four: Wonder if you were supposed to iron the curtains before you hung them up, and then decide NOPE fuck it because ironing is for chumps and gravity will probably work out the wrinkles or something.

See that corner of a bed frame there? I also bought that this weekend. And loaded it in my car. And unloaded it out of my car. And carried it upstairs. And put the whole thing together. By myself. Alllllll because my dad said he didn't think I could do it. I'm not stubborn, I'm determined and focused. Original inspirational(ish) quote comin' atcha: "Someone told her she couldn't, so she did." - Nerky

No, YOUR bedding is too girly.

My bedroom has been my lowest priority for decorating. Not very many people make it up there (womp wommmp), so I've neglected it. Once I get some paint and art up on the walls it will all come together. Probably. Fact: I make my bed every morning because it makes me feel like I have my shit together, even back when it was just a mattress on the floor. (I say that like it was more than two days ago).

I also hung some ombré curtains in my living room and a window shade thingamajig over my back door so peeping toms can't see me prancing around in my penguin undies anymore. Feelin' pretty good about my drapes, y'all. Just gotta work on the carpet.