Frisky Friday: Laters, Baby

Yeah, I read it (on my kindle so no one could see). All three books. Including the part where Christian removes Anastasia's tampon for her in order for them to bone. I meannnnnnnn, I'd probably handle that part myself, but to each his own. Or her own. Whatever. (Out of everything in those books, that was the worst part.)

I'm talking 50 Shades of Grey.

Or click HERE for the video

That song tho.
That elevator kiss tho.
That blindfold tho.

I'd watch it. (At home. Naked. With someone. IfyouknowwhatImean)

I think there's one thing that needs to happen: We all need to stop getting up each other's asses (figuratively, heyyyy) about 50 Shades being a poorly written, predictable story. Do people go to strip clubs for the buffet? No. Same rule applies. It's not about poetic literature to stimulate your mind, it's about stimulating your bathing suit parts. If you want to discuss literature, then let's meet over Americanos at a not-Starbucks. We can wear scarves and skinny jeans and talk imagery and rhetoric. 50 Shades isn't about that, and that's okay.

What is it about 50 Shades that's so hot? Is it the compelling story line? Is it because our sex lives are boring? Is it because the main character is a man that clearly needs fixin'? You know how we women love to change men. (Love you how you are? False. I'll love you after I mold you into what I want you to be.)

It's none of that. It's because we secretly want a man who knows what he's doing to take charge and throw us around a little bit. (In bed, not in life. No domestic abuse, plz and thx.) We want a nice guy we can bring home, but a bad boy in bed. It's the best of both worlds, like a Jedi in the street but a Sith in the sheets. It can be hard to ask your sweet husband of 10 years to tie you up, much less ball gag you and bust out the riding crop a la Christian Grey. Although it's been my experience that if you ask to do something, your partner will likely oblige. They might even be thinking the same thing.

I took a super legit (not at all) poll amongst some of my man-friends, and they ALL said that it's super hot when their girl initiates fun sex. So get on it. (Pun totally intended.) Maybe then we can all have relations as often as as Christian and Anastasia do.


  1. everything about this post. I'm read to go home to my husband on this rainy Friday and have some fun :) Seriously though, what's with everyone acting like this is Anna Karenina? This is not a piece of classic literature, so let's not be all angry over how it's written. It's sexy stuff meant to inspire sexy time.

  2. Exactly what Chubby Spin Instructor said ...except that I don't have a husband or even a significant other to go home to....BOOOOOO!!! Anyway all the other stuff...amen! I linked to your post in my post along with a little shout out. I hope that is ok.

  3. Couldn't agree more!!

    Your posts make my day!

  4. I agree 100%! I read the entire trilogy in about a week in a 1/2. Maybe, just maybe, time secretly reading at work is included in that. Good, fun read. Not the next Jane Austen. All the nah-sayers need to pipe down or actually read the books to know what they're talking about. Based on all the negative reviews, I actually thought there was going to be MORE S&M scenes. But I'm totally ready for the movie. And I just might read the books again. 'Cause, why not?!?!


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