Wonder Woman Heels Tutorial

Hi, my name is (irrelevant because everyone calls me) Nerky, and I drank more alcohol this past weekend than I have for the entirety of 2014 so far.

It feels good to get that off my chest.

I also discovered something about myself. I'm now the person that says, "Shit yeah, bring your kids!" to parties and/or BBQs. When did everyone grow up and start procreating? I thought about this as all the adults at my impromptu 4th of July BBQ were doing shots on shots on shots of tuaca in my kitchen as the kids played blissfully with my son's Legos in the living room. I wonder if our parents did that. (Probably, those fuckin' party animals.)

After all the fun at my house on Friday, my kid went to his dad's house on Saturday night. Not too long ago, that would have meant leather shorts, sky high heels and trouble with my girlfriends at a local club. Glad I got that shit out of my system before I caught something. (Like a cold, perverts.) Now it means a night in with some wine, a good friend and some yoga pants. Three bottles of wine and two musicals later, I had a fierce new pair of sky high heels. Old habits die hard.

I've seen comic books heels before (here and here and here and lots more). Ain't nobody trying to take credit for this idea. Alls I'm sayin' is, why am I gonna pay $70-$100 for something I can make for fie dollah worth of comics, a little glitter and an old pair of shoes I haven't worn in years? Plus, none of the Wonder Woman heels I found were cute enough. I guess if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. (twss)

These were shockingly easy to make. You'll need:
- Old comic books
- Mod podge
- Paint and glitter in the same color
- Shoes

Step One: (Cut a hole in a box.) Procure some shoes you don't mind defacing.

While I worked on the shoes, my friend painted her nails.
It was a girls night, after all.

Some people buy boats or motorcycles when they get divorced. I bought shoes. This pair was my first post-divorce shoe purchase and I bought them solely because I liked how tall they were and nobody was there to tell me not to spend money on shoes. Too bad they ugly tho. It's cool, I fixed them.

Step Two: Pour yourself a cup of wine, and keep it flowing.

Wine glasses are for chumps and Republicans.

Not pictured: Tipsy off-key singing along with Chicago, the first of two musicals we watched. 

I think I could have completed this project in half the time had I skipped this step, but where's the fun in that?

Step Three: Cut up your comics and start gluing with the mod podge. It's really that simple.

Notice the empty wine bottle. One down!

It took me 3 comics worth to get enough good Wonder Woman pieces to cover both shoes. That roughly translates to about $5-7 depending on where you get them.

Pro tip: Trim the pieces that fold over into the shoe before the final coat of mod podge, or else they will irritate your feetsies.

Not pictured: Tipsy off-key singing along with the only lyric we knew from Rent, the second musical we watched. (525,600 minutes)

Step Four: Once you have all of your comics glued, paint the heel and sole. I wanted a blue sparkly heel, so I painted it cobalt blue first with some craft paint so that in the event the glitter flakes off, it's still blue (da ba dee da ba die)

And as a bonus, that's my friend Angela passed out on the couch.

The shoe in the foreground already has glitter and the one in the background is just blue paint. It was after I took this picture that I decided to also pain the sole - Louboutin style. (Blue-boutin, amiright?)

Once your paint and glitter is dry, apply a liberal coat of mod podge to the whole thing to seal them and let it dry. Ta-da - fierce mother truckin' Wonder Woman shoes!

I wore them out on Sunday night to see how they held up. I walked around a lot outside and rode in an invisible airplane on a motorcycle and they're still perfectly in tact! I would avoid getting them wet though.


  1. Oh Em Gee I'm in love with these! Geez, I wish I was crafty!

  2. Angela (@Spamgela twitter and @Cookiemomster IG)July 8, 2014 at 1:41 PM

    i only passed out because Footloose was SO BORING! and so i wouldn't puke. but that's all.

  3. Girl, you are going to have to do this with me!!!! I've been wanting to do these with my heels for the LONGEST time!!!

  4. Outdoor mod podge might help with the water issue.

  5. Stop. The. Madness. Those are freaking awesome. It would never have occurred to me to do that but now it's all I wanna do. Amazing job! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. I freakin' love this. thanks Nerky Meg!

  7. Holy crap, I love them! I totally wish I could wear heals..... I have face planted twice when I tried wearing them! Good thing being a hooker wasn't high on my list of career choices, don't think I've ever heard of one wearing flats :)


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