Healthy snacks for the spawn

As far as my kid is concerned, there are three food groups: chicken nuggets, apple juice and fruit snacks. The thing is, mama don't play that. (SOMETIMES mama plays that when mama is too tired to fight about it.) Sometimes we sit at the table for over an hour waiting on him to finish his food. It's neat. Really fun. Totally not frustrating or anything. When I cook something new, the only rule is that he HAS to try it. He doesn't have to eat more than one bite if he doesn't want to. This works out well because he will think he hates it and not eat anymore, but then he'll ask for it a few days later. This happened most recently with turkey meatloaf. I just need to work on my patience.

The kid loves fruit, thank goodness. Vegetables? LOLNOPE. Won't touch em. Unless I make cauliflower pizza crust and don't tell him like the tricksy hobitses I am. (Minus the hairy feet.) THIS is the recipe I use, only I triple the garlic and add rosemary, and it's pretty rad - bake the crust until it's done, then add your toppings and put it back in the oven just to heat it and melt the cheese.

I've had to search over the river and through the woods for healthyish snack he'll eat, aside from fruit. Homeboy can put away some berries and he loves applesauce and yogurt, but he also likes cheetos and ice cream (duh, who doesn't). Here's what I've found that he noms on the reg:

Outshine Fruit & Veggie Bars are craze-amaze, y'all. Pictured is the apple and greens flavor, but the blueberry/beets is my fave. Tangerine/carrot is also friggin' delish. At 60 calories a pop(sicle) you can't lose. My kid begs for them, little does he know he's eating vegetables, muahaha. You can only get the apple/greens flavor at Target, but the other two are sold at Tom Thumb and Kroger and probably other places. 

Worth noting: the last time I ate one of these I had a headache, and by the time I was done with the popsicle my headache had subsided. I'm not saying they're magical, but all signs point to unicorn dreams as the secret ingredient.

Lentil Snaps are my new favorite "chips" made out of green peas, you just have to be careful and not eat the whole bag. They are SO GOOD and they have more than double the protein and fiber (gotta prot, bro) of regular potato chips and WAY less fat and sodium. The onion thyme flavor and caesar flavors tie for mine and my kid's faves. Buy 'em at Sprouts or Target.

Eat Your Vegetables chips are so. frickin'. good. They taste like regular chips, except there's that added bonus of getting a full serving of veggies with every ounce. The kid loves 'em. The sea salt is the best flava-flav IMO, but the only other one I've had is jalapeno. Buy 'em at Sprouts, Costco, Kroger, etc.

He also likes my "yummy balls" (heh):

They're sweet but also packed with protein so they keep you full longer, plus they give you energy (which is good for me because that little booger is ALL over the place ALL the time). What do y'all trick your kids into eating give your kids as snacks?


  1. I buy those squeezie packets that contain fruit and veggies, she thinks it's just regular applesauce but it's got a serving of veg mixed right in. They are at wally world and probably everywhere else too!

  2. Ive also found some Carpi suns at Walmart that have veggies in them, they taste just like the regular ones but when you pour it into a sippy or something theyre orange and such.Your awesome (and you know it), thanks for the ideas. When I start feeling whiny about how hard things are i get inspiration from you!


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