How I eat

How I eat: I stab some food, put my fork up to my mouth, deposit food, chew, swallow, repeat. My kid has a different idea of how eating works. It's called "bitch and moan until mom gets mean and threatens time-out over and over until you cry and she makes you eat your food anyway". It's great, really fun. Who knew almost-three year olds were so stubborn?

I digress.

I eat small amounts every 2-3 hours. Usually first breakfast is around 8:30 when I get to work, unless I worked out in the morning. It's always something super protein-y like a shake or a couple of quichelets. And coffee, because duh. If I worked out, I'll eat a ball to the wall and pre-workout beforehand and protein shake after. (That sentence sounded so hoss.)

Second breakfast is between 10:30-11:30 and it's usually some berries or some carrots and hummus. Maybe a HB egg and/or half an avocado. Something light like that. I'm always looking for new snackidoos. I don't eat a ton because my stomach can't handle it right before a workout, which happens at noonish. Sometimes later depending on my work schedule.

After workout I eat at around 1-1:30 - something high in protein and it's usually delicious leftovers from dinner because don't nobody want a soggy sammich every day. Today I have turkey meatloaf and it's pretty legit. (Recipe to come, betch.) I also like taking frozen veggie burgers, just the patties (no buns, hun), because the're supah easy and high in prot. (Gotta prot, bro.) I like almost all of the flavors of both Boca and Morningstar Farms, and with a little hot sauce, they're a pretty solid meal.

Then at around 2-3 I'm craving some chokit. Hard. I like the mint chocolate chip flavored gum from Extra for cravings like this, but honestly sometimes I just eat some damn chocolate, or at least something sweet like a banana and almond butter. Sometimes I make iced coffee too because it's the elixir of life.

At 4-4:30 I eat some veggies. Today it's sweet potatoes and green beans, but I make broccoli, carrots, squash, etc. Whatever's on sale at the store I bake or steam a shit ton of it, portion it out and eat it all week.

Alllllllll day long at work I'm drinking water. No cokes. No juice. Water. 80-100oz/day. It keeps you full and is super good for you, it's a total no brainer. I eat a lot of protein to keep me full as well. 

For dinner, I usually cook once or twice a week and then eat leftovers. Last week I made some fish tacos with baked salmon fish sticks and tequila lime slaw that were the bomb diggity. As much as I'd love to claim this recipe as my own creation, it's pretty perfect as is and I didn't change a single thing when I made it. The only thing I would change for the future is I'd skip the sauce for the slaw and use the sauce from the fish sticks in the slaw. 

Night time snacking is my biggest downfall. (Sista has the munchies.) I have to shut the kitchen down after dinner - lights off, teeth brushed, absolutely no mustard and onion pretzel pieces and/or cookies and/or cheezits. 50% of the time, it works every time. I guess that's why I don't have abs yet. We all have things we need to work on, amiright? But seriously, if you haven't had mustard and onion pretzel pieces, don't. Those bastards are deliciously addicting. Delicting.


  1. OMG! The honey mustard and onion pretzels are freakin' like crack! I can't control myself. I don't know why I keep letting myself buy them! The whole bag only lasts me like 3 days. It's ridiculous how good they are! :)

  2. Night time snacking is the worst for me too. Doesn't help that I drink a glass of wine some nights and it makes me crave something salty!
    How do you eat veggies for a snack? I can't seem to choke those things down even at meals! haha

  3. How often do you drink beer? That is what kills my diet!!! It is pretty much every weekend for me during the summer!

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