Just, I dunno, stop being a jerk about it

I got tagged in an ice bucket challenge video over a week ago. I donated money in lieu of dumping ice water on my head, albeit it was after my 24 hour window because I can't be on time for anything, ever. 

Maybe I'm just not as big of an asshole as the rest of the internet, but I'm pretty okay with the ice bucket challenge taking over all of my feeds. Some of the videos are funny, brah. Why you gotta shit in someone's koolaid? Just don't participate if you're not interested. Maybe take a break from social media for a minute until it passes, lawd knows we could all use that. This weird, silly, viral brouhaha is raising tons of money and awareness for a disease a lot of people know little or nothing about, so that's pretty radtastic. I definitely learned something after googling it. 

No, millions (thousands? hundreds? whatever.) of people dumping ice water on their heads will probably not cure ALS. Yes, this challenge panders to our narcissism. Overall, I'd say it does more good than bad, though. Where does the money raised actually go? Depends on the charity you choose to donate to, I suppose. You can see how money was spent in 2013 for the ALSA HERE.

And you can watch Tom Hiddleston's abs here:

Or watch here.

Yeah. I'd say I'm pretty okay with the ice bucket challenge as a whole.


  1. Yep, hot guys in white shirts getting ice water poured over them. Yes, I'm more than ok with that. :) Now if only Cumberbatch would get on board with it. And McAvoy.

  2. I got called out, donated money and went ahead and filmed the challenge. It was a good teaching point for my son who helped to learn more about the disease and how and why we donate money to causes like this. I tried to be clever and ended up squealing like a little girl. You can check it out here if'n you want. I'm no Hiddleston or Cumberbatch though. Closer to Martin Freeman I think. LOL.


  3. Agree. I've rather enjoyed watching many of the celebs in their private lives taking a moment to do their videos. I did enjoy Tom's quite nicely, but Brandon Beemer's is really enjoyable (wink wink)

  4. Loki is a hottie! :) Wouldn't mind seeing Thor do the ice bucket challenge. Thank the LAWD for a Hemsworth brother.


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