Things I don't understand

Do you ever sit and ponder about your sick gains? Me too. I also ponder other things, like:

Why is Cracklin' Oat Bran so expensive? All I want in the world is to have those morsels of bran goodness inside me without taking out a second mortgage.

How lamesauce it is when I'm not sore after a workout. I did workout, right? I remember sweating. I remember my sassy gym tank top and coordinating sports bra. Why aren't I sore? It's like it never happened and that is UNACCEPTABLE. I want my workouts to burn count.

When {insert animal} pees on freshly cleaned floor. My dog is old and I don't mop my floor that often, there. Whatever, priorities. It never fails that when I do mop and feel accomplished after cleaning my house (like a woman should), I'll go to bed and wake up the next morning to a puddle of "I'm an old dog and I can't hold it for that long, please don't hate me" pee right on the freshly cleaned floor. THANKS OBAMA.

Adobe InDesign. Eat a bag of dicks, InDesign. Why you gotta be so persnickety? 

Why people say, "It's been a minute..." More than likely, whatever you're talking about happened LONGER THAN A MINUTE AGO. (Maybe it happened 525,600 minutes ago.) Be specific. Unless, of course, you are using the phrase literally. "It's been a minute since I typed that I don't get why people say, 'It's been a minute...'."

How people spell my name wrong (and it's written right in front of them). My name is Meghan. With an H. My mama put it there for a reason and I intend to use it. I get that there's a thousand variations of the name, and you can spell it incorrectly all day long and I won't be offended. However, if it's right in front of you, say like in my email address, Facebook, business card, etc., do me a solid and spell it correctly. It's RIGHT THERE.

Why do people wear Converse at the gym? Why is this a thing? (After Googling) Oh, I get it I guess. I still think it's weird, but more power to you. RECANTED. 

Why the terrible parts of 90s fashion are back. Acid washed high waisted jorts didn't look good back then either. 


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  2. Well done, haha. Except for getting Rent stuck in my head. That is seriously the hardest song to shake...


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