Confesh Sesh

1. I have a half marathon on Sunday that I feel completely unprepared for. I mean, my longest run has been 7 miles like 2 weeks ago. And the last time I ran at all was Friday. Saturday? Thursday? I don't even know. Feck.

2. I don't really like running long distances. (Insert that one emoji with the teeth and the squinty eyes here.) I'm just kind of over it. 5 miles or less? Cool. 13.1? Nah. Been there, done that. 26.2? No thank you. Not never, just not now. It doesn't mean I don't like fitness, I'm still killin' in the the gym 5ish days a week.

3. I don't use shaving cream when I shave my legs, and I only shave them when I know they will be touched by someone. (There for a while I had really hairy legs.)

4. I really liked The Tourist. Fuck all you haters.

5. My best betch gave me a jar of this Biscoff Cookie Spread(crunchy) for my birthday and I ate the whole thing by the finger-scoop full in like a week. That shit is dangerous so, so good you won't even bother with a spoon.

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  1. ~Last night I drove around the block 5 times before I pulled in the driveway.....I didn't want to fix dinner or help with homework....I just wanted everyone to go AWAY!
    ~This morning I had a milky way candy bar for breakfast, but yelled at my teenager for wanting to eat popcorn for her breakfast.
    ~I am watching Saved by the Bell, from the beginning, on Netflix. I am 36 years old and I am still in love with Zach Morris!


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