Frisky Friday: Daft Punk

Remember when I posted an honest online dating profile? Welp, I also posted it on an actual dating site a couple of months ago.

Nailed it.

There were the typical idgits and creeps, albeit far fewer. Most of the responses were like the ones above and we'd chat for a few messages back and forth until I got bored or he realized I'm exactly like I said I am. Being completely honest really takes the mystery out of online dating. 

One conversation carried itself, though. 

Y'all, I'm dating Daft Punk.

He has tattoos, eats 90% healthily, works out and is good at fixing things. I'd show you what he looks like shirtless, but you might faint. I don't want that on my hands.

Found him. He also builds me stuff.

He's also super nice to my kid. And he's smart (smarter that I am). And funny (not as funny as I am - you can't have it all). And he's good looking (again, not as gorgeous as I am. It's hard when I'm the spitting image of Kate Upton. I can't help it.) Basically I'm saying after ALL the flack I gave online dating, I found a good one. 

This humble pie sure is delicious.


  1. you make me giggle. also love that you use periods and "" marks together in the same fashion that I do: the RIGHT way.

  2. LOVE! I met my hubs online after having a crazy pyscho stalker from internet dating site, and then I dated a HORRIBLE man on another that i dated for a month. He drank too much and smoked but I over looked that due to how hot I thought he was at the time. Turns out he was a total spaz. And then I met Jarrett, who was nice and down to earth, first date was amazing, the rest is history. We want to do a commercial.

  3. Angela (@Spamgela twitter and @Cookiemomster IG)September 29, 2014 at 6:40 AM

    ugh, i hate him a little because he takes away from us time. but whatever, glad you're happy Y SHIT!


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