Frisky Friday: Rainbow Road

I love sausage, I do. But tacos aren't so bad, are they? I'd say I'm 90% pro-sausage and 10% pro-taco.

Don't get me wrong. A sweaty, muscular, tattooed man with a scruffy beard who just got done fixing something is one of my favorite things on this sweet earth. (Dang, that is a sweet earth.) That's why I'm like 85% pro-sausage.

He looks like he's about to fix something, right? Too bad he doesn't have tattoos. Or a beard. And he isn't sweaty. 
I'm starting to rethink this picture.

I just feel like I can appreciate the beauty of females. Like Yoncé and Mila Kunis. It's what makes me 20% pro-taco.

Women are just so different from men. Not in a "we deserve to make less money" or "we can't handle real jobs" way, but in a pretty, soft, curvy way. Plus, it seems like there's lady t&a slapping us in the face (figuratively) all over the media (ahem, Game of Thrones), it's amazing more people aren't 25% pro-taco like I am. It's the secret agenda of pop culture.

No reason. I'm just looking.

I do believe everyone is on a sliding homo-scale, whether we like it or not. Is anything black and white, ever? (The whole Nazi thing was pretty black and white, I guess. Can't really see the good side of that one. Also zebras.) So it's totally cool that I'm 70% pro-sausage. Normal, even. For this reason, I think we should all get a male and a female hall pass. No reason to discriminate. Mine would be Tom Hiddleston and Yoncé.

High five, bro. Glad we sorted that out.


  1. Appreciating tacos more these days myself :)


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