Frisky Friday: So are we like a thing?

I'm gonna have to start being frisky on other days of the week up in here. By Friday I'm tired and busy and get off me, I have a headache

That's how it starts. It's allllll downhill from the first fake headache. (Or fake anything, ifyaknowwhatimean.)

New relationships are weird and foreign and usually my tactic is to sleep around make totally educated and sober decisions about my love life until I get bored. That's basically a summary of my life since the big D. The divorce D, not the other thing. Let's just say I wouldn't label all of the other D's I've encountered as "big" (zing!)

So at what point are you and someone you're dating a "thing"? How do you decide? Is it a duration of time or number of dates that passes? Should you just show up at his house in a wedding dress with his and hers funeral plots picked out on your second date? Do you just not say anything until it's just understood because you've been dating for 3 years and you bought a cat together? If you're like me, you just straight up ask the question after a handful of dates that went seemingly well and gauge his response. Definitely ask him while he's naked on top of you, on the very first date if possible. Guys love that. (Don't actually do that.) 

Good Response: 

So, are we like a thing? "Yeah, I think so." "Yes." "I'm not sure I'm in a place to date someone right now." "No, I'm just not that into you."

These are all perfectly reasonable answers to a blunt, potentially awkward question, especially if it's the answer you want to hear. No matter how badly you want to, please do not follow up with, "OMG, like on Facebook?" unless it's 100% ironic and he understands that. And if it's a let down? At least you know now and you won't catch the clap from him and his wandering pants.

Not Great Response: 

So, are we like a thing? "I guess we could be." "It's getting late, I better go." "It's getting late, you better go."

You guess we could be? Could be? LOLNOPE. Nice try, bruh, but this sounds like a recipe for disappointment and mediocrity.  I'm gonna need a man who definitely wants to be all up in this, or else pretty soon we'll both be faking headaches. It's been real, NEXT.

Either way, at least you have an answer. Communicating effectively is my favorite. Ain't nobody got time to play games, I'm a grown ass woman with shit to do. 


  1. Wishywashy pansy response. I guess he won't mind the door hitting him on the way out. Thor would never "guess." - Just sayin'


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