Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon

Ruck funning, fuh rull. I'm half marathoned out for a good long while. I've forgotten why people like doing this shit. It's hot as balls outside, there's a bajillion people and you pay money to run long distances. What? No entiendo.

But I do it, because I'm crazy.

Ima get down and dirty - I didn't train for this half much at all. The longest "long" run I did to prep was 8 miles like 2 months ago. It's summer in Texas, even at 6am it's 90 degrees. I'm simply not running over 3 miles in that heat for fear of dying on the side of the road pre-dawn and the 8-5ers not having time to stop to help me before they pick up their Starbucks on the way in to their mid-level management job. It's called self-preservation. It's also called why-this-half-was-so-awful. Turns out I can run 13.1 miles with little to no real training, but every single step of it past mile 3 was the worst.

And I did.
But he wasn't.
Shirt from Look Human.

The good news? I PR'd the first 5k because I was hoping my shirt would will Tom Hiddleston to the finish line. I was at 26:45 at mile 3 and I've never done a 5k in under 30 minutes. Yeahhhhhhhh buddy. I PR'd the whole race, tuh be honest. Finished in about 2:20 and my last PR was 2:35. I'm pretty dern happy with that, but I'm also happy it's over.

Even though it was SO hot and humid out and, simply put, I wasn't prepared, this was my favorite race. My son had never seen me at a real race before and I got to take him to this one.

Pre-race looking at the hot air balloons.

The whole reason I started getting healthy and fit and staying that way (that part is key) is to be a good example for him, so it meant a lot that he could be there and see me at the finish line.

Mile one I finished in 8:45. I was bookin' it because I wanted to catch up to my friend, Jen. We ran together at about a 9 minute mile for a while, but since my stomach is such a jerk and I can't eat real food before working out (I have to drink stuff, like half a protein shake and my pre-workout in this case), I had to pee supah bad. I stopped at the first portapotty I saw (at mile 5) and it wasn't even gross. (This was one of my only non-gross portapotty experiences ever.) I never regained my speed at that point and didn't catch back up to her. I was on my own from miles 5-10ish when Skinny Meg came up behind me. Thank the lawd, because I was about to throw in the towel. (Okay not really, but I definitely needed some motivation.) It was so hot. And I was so hungry (see before about not being able to eat beforehand). The only thing keeping me going was that I wanted that damn hot air balloon medal for my kid. Skinny Meg and I kept each other from punching the other runners in the neck and we finished it out together, picking up the pace as we saw water stations in the distance. Did I mention that it was hot out?

Check these splits, bruh.

The last mile really fukt my time. Mile 5 was slower because that's when I stopped to pee, then it was alllll downhill from there. About mile 10 is when Skinny Meg ran into me and I was slightly re-energized as we picked up the pace a little bit, then that wore off and we were dragging ass the last mile. 

The thing they don't tell you about half marathons is that you run way more than 13.1 miles. You're weaving in and out of the crowd, so running back and forth down the street really adds to your distance. Sho does feel good to pass people, though. (On your left.)

Once I crossed that finish line and got my medal, my son and my dad appeared. The kid was so happy, it was the best. I gave him my medal and we parked it in the shade for a while. He sat in my lap and it hurt my legs so much because I should have been stretching, but I just couldn't say no. He was just so excited about his new necklace and the gatorade from the finish line.

It was all totally worth it. That said, I'm half marathoned out for a while. This wasn't my last one ever though, because finishing a half in under 2 hours is on my bucket list. Know what's not on my bucket list? A full marathon. This race really solidified that for me. I'm totally okay with not having that 26.2 sticker on my car.


  1. Way to go!!! and yes, it is our tradition to have my son at the finish line to see me finish up. The smaller races or non-chip timed ones he always runs out to join me for the last 20feet and he runs through the shoot with me. Its our thing, course he's now 10yrs old...but he did it for my first ever 5k and does it for everyone he goes to now.
    It is 'our' thing.

    My bucket list right now is simply to finish a half. If I survive, then we can talk about the time!

    Way to go!!! Seriously pushes me to just go for it.

  2. I think full marathoners are a certain kind of crazy (and that's ok!). Like my sister. But not me. Nuh-uh.

    Also, heh, on your left (Oh Captain my captain ;) )

  3. Girl CONGRATS!!!!!!! So proud of you! You run much faster than I do. Lifting weights and running at the same time has done me no favors! I want a half under my belt but I told my BF I don't really have any urge to get that 26.2 sticker on my car. I really wish I would've ran that half but I just was not prepared! We should run a race together though! I don't know why running a 10k seems more overwhelming than running a half but that's what I'm prepping for. However, I want to a get a few more 5ks under my belt and PR!

    I also run for my son. This 5k was the first one he was able to go to. He wasn't able to see me cross the finish line but BOY was he freaking proud! And when I made a joke about not wanting to workout my legs anymore he said "No mommy! You can't stop working your legs! You have to make them stronger for that 10k you said you were going to run!"

    I continuously work out for him. We are totally on the same page for that!!!!

    By the way, I'm glad I ran into you before the race! I was hoping to wish one of you gals luck before you went in and I only got to see you! Your son is super adorable by the way! Glad to read you had a great race!

  4. 1. I LOVE THAT TANK! OMG!!!
    2. Way to go girl! A pr for both 5k and the Half! That's awesome!
    3. On your left. Ahh, I say that all the time now thanks to Cap. (especially when passing people... even in the car!) lol


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