Frisky Friday: Tough Mudder Plus One

To close out Tough Mudder week, we need to talk about arguably the most important part. The end. The part where you shower and it's the third most glorious thing you do that day. The first, of course, being finishing the race and the second coming (in your mouth) next. And by that, I mean the cheeseburger you inhale sitting on the couch, pantsless.

No pants are the best pants, amiright?

For this to occur, you need a person willing to go out to a real restaurant and procure a cheeseburger for you. I'm not talking fast food. You've worked TOO HARD to waste your energy on that noise. You deserve better, by golly. Drive-thrus are beneath you, ain't nobody got time for sloppy form and subpar flavor. Bonus points if your person also brings sides, because at a real burger restaurant you have to order those separately. Skipping fries is perfectly normal on a regular day. Today? You go on witcho bad self.

Extra bonus points if they also bring wine. Oh you fancy.

Extra extra bonus points if they also go out in the morning and get you donuts. (They were pumpkin spice because PUMPKIN ALL THE THINGS. I ain't even mad, they were delicious.)

This is the first time in my life I've experienced the post-race trifecta of burger+sides (jalapeno poppers, to be specific. MUH FAVE), celebratory wine and donuts the next morning without having to lift a damn finger. (My manfriend is the tits, obvi.) It was amazeballs and I definitely recommend it as a post race ritual. Ice bath, shmice bath. Gimme food.


  1. Your man friend is the tits! I'm sure you kicked that mudders butt! Awesome!


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