Frisky Friday: When is it okay?

It's been a long time since I've been in the beginning stages of a relationship, and with it comes certain benefits. (Eyebrow waggle.) For one, we still like each other. It's nice to have someone to do stuff with, like when I need a plus one for brunch. (Because I'm a career-minded twenty-something that totally brunches now.) It's also nice to have someone to text all day and bounce ideas and silly stories off of. Of course I have friends for that, but it's a different dynamic. The thing is, at what point can you ask certain questions? We've established that we are, in fact, a thing, as in exclusively dating each other, sooooo when can I ask for his HBO Go login?

I mean, Game of Thrones, right?

Is it a certain amount of time that passes or number of dates? And at what point is asking for his wifi password when I'm at his place okay? It's just that I could Instagram my meals so. much. faster. This guy has already cleaned up my kid's vom, so surely we're at the point when connecting to each other's wifi isn't weird. (Not even a euphemism.)

These are real first world issues, guys.


  1. As soon as the penis makes it's appearance, the wifi password should be made available.

  2. Agree with Ida. The penis is a good litmus test.

  3. THE PENIS?!!? Ummm maybe over here in TN we do it differently but how am I supposed to share my P if you can't share your WIFI? How is my spotify supposed to play my favorite heavy petting playlist if I can't get on yo shit. I'm the type of friend/ more than friend/ gf that I make myself comfortable. So the first time I'm sitting with you on your couch googling something to laugh with you about or by which to prove you wrong...ummm lemme get that password!! haha. Now, Netflix n such maybe a little down the road, but sheesh its not like you live next door and plan to steal it (unless you actually do in which case I must advise you to not make the nasty with your next door neighbor because it will only get real nasty).


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