Here we go again.

Nobody thought it. I finished the Tough Mudder. The next day I walked around The State Fair of Texas for a few hours. I mean, it hurt and it was swollen, but come on. The Tough Mudder was tough. It's par for the course to be in a little bit of pain the next day.

Fast forward 2 weeks of RICE-ing. Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation. This isn't my first rodeo, I know the rules. I give running a go and I can't. I just...can't. I hobbled about a quarter mile and then had to walk home. Every strike against the pavement felt like I was being stabbed with Michonne's katana, and my leg felt unstable under my weight. I was discouraged. This was when I thought, oh shit maybe I really hurt myself. I called the doc on Monday and make an appointment for Thursday, the soonest he was available. After x-raying, he scheduled an MRI immediately and then I had to wait an entire weekend to get the results, not before they called me in urgently on Saturday morning for additional imaging. Monday I got the report, but it has a lot of medical words and dammit Jim, I'm a blogger not a doctor. One thing stood out to me in the second bullet point though. Shit.

So I stressed. I was all nerves for the rest of the day until my appointment on Tuesday. Shit. Shit shit shit shit shit. But it could still just be a torn cartilage, right? Maybe the radiologist read the images wrong. I walked in to the doctor thinking it's, worst case, a torn meniscus, and best case, I'm just being a whiny little betch. I wasn't even allowing the other thing to enter my mind. I couldn't. I guess I was in the denial phase.

They were running on time, thank the lawd because I couldn't take another minute. The medical assistant, who is this awesome athlete by the way, took me back and gave me some wicked hot paper shorts to put on under my dress and then I waited for the doc. He came in, did one more examination, testing the limits and range of motion and then asks me to sit up. And then he said it. "You've re-torn your ACL."


Not again. Not when it's only been a year since the last time. FUCK. I asked what the odds are that it's not torn and it could be something else? Zero. Shit. Can I fix it without surgery, could it just heal up? Unfortunately not if I want to continue being active.

So here we go again. ACL surgery part deux on November 7. At least I'll get to go trick-or-treating with my kiddo in his hilariously awesome costume this weekend before being down for the count. And maybe I'll get a pedicure so at least my toes look nice sticking out of that monster leg brace. Do leg braces come in magenta? Maybe I should look into investing in a pretty one if this is going to be an annual event.


  1. Ugh I hate that for you! I'm kinda right there with you, but on my hips. I got surgery on my right hip in May, and getting surgery on the left on November 17th. I'm pissed bc I'm running again and being active, and now I have to go back to PT which I HATE, and not run for another 3 months or so. So I feel you completely! Maybe we can drown in our sorrows together, ha! I'm mered19 on ig!

  2. Augh! I am so upset for you! Here's hoping for a smooth and successful surgery.

  3. holy frijole!? My naive running mind assumed that after surgery your ACL would be stronger like when you break a bone and the scarring actually strengthens it even more? Sorry hon!!!

  4. Ugh, that's no fun. I've torn my ACL in both of my knees. So strange for you to retear it :( *hugs*

  5. So maybe this time, no half marathons 2 weeks after surgery??? RICE RICE baby! That really blows, I'm sorry!

  6. Should we schedule a half marathon for February then?

    ...I'm totally kidding. Let's make it March ;)

  7. The zombie knee is dead. Raise a new Zombie Knee! (Now with stronger dead parts!)


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