Hi, I'm an adult.

I didn't truly feel like an adult until I got divorced. It was the moment I had to go to court and stand in front of the judge and explain my (our) plan for custody arrangement for my son. I stood there nervous AF because he blatantly questioned whether or not it was a good idea. I remember wondering if I should remind him that it was my son we were talking about. I didn't, but back off brosef. I got this. 

By this point, I had done many "adult" things. Some obvious, like buying a car and a house, getting married, having a kid, and some not-so-obvious but still noteworthy like the first time I created a monthly budget or the moment I decided that I might be a scotche too old to wear neon. I still never felt like a real-life grown up. Maybe it's because my dad was always a phone call away to fix it for me or help me, but he couldn't fix my marriage. I had to handle that all by myself.

Since getting divorced, I've done a handful of questionable not-so-adult things, like that time in Vegas (maybe I'll write about it in the book, it really is a great story) and even more adult things like buy another place of my very own, pay my bills, and create a healthy lifestyle. Most recently, I added another check mark to my grownup bucket list - I opened a P.O. Box. Now you can send me stuff! Ya know, just if you want to. Honestly, the handful of times I've given out my home address for people to send me things has made me super uncomfortable. I either reluctantly gave it out or I just didn't respond to your email (sorry for being an awkward turtle). I know most people out there aren't creepers, but it only takes one. I gotta think about my kid and his safety lest that divorce judge give me a smug "I told you so" side eye. Here it is:

With my first package.
(Heh, package.)

You can address it to "Meg(h)an" spelled however you want, Nerky Meg, Nerky, or Literally The Worst and it will probably get to me. Probably. Please send me Harry Potter himself. Or dragon eggs. Or Princess Leia's gold bikini. Or some Kryptonite. Don't let me down, guys. Also, please only send chevron envelopes. Thems the rules.

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