I fixed it

I saw this post on Facebook and I can't help but point out the glaring fallacy:

FINALLY a use for COFFEE? I think we can all appreciate the usefulness of coffee apart from jogging our memories on the value of first seven digits of pi. How about the intended use of coffee, like keeping us all from killing each other in our sleep-deprived, over-worked state. Coffee is basically the entire reason World War 3 hasn't happened yet. Well, coffee and puppies.

But why stop at 7 digits of pi? Coffee is better than that. Coffee can get you at least 10 digits without even trying. "May I have a large container of coffee beans and ground yummy espresso?" Boom, turnt up to eleven.

(EDIT: Because I can't count, I fixed it again. I fixed the fix. Maybe I should have had some coffee before writing the post, it probably would have fixed itself. That's just the power of coffee, fixing things and preventing war.)

But we can even do better than that after all coffee has done for us. Let's try again. "May I have a large container of coffee beans and ground yummy espresso? Typically, morning amplifies sad or mad feelings. With coffee in coffee mugs, you can blastoff out of slumber." Just remember these 3 easy lines and you can recall the first twenty nine digits of pi. WHAT NOW, BETCH. 

Hey, you know what goes great with coffee? Pie.


  1. I have been a long time reader! I look forward to your posts every single morning. You are hands down one of the best blogs I read. Love it and you! Keep em coming.

  2. Because I decided to memorize the first 14 digits of pi for fun one day (I'M SO COOL), I feel obligated to mention that "ground" is 6 digits and the 9th digit of pi is 5 :)

  3. So glad that Jess and her lovely lashes brought us together.

  4. Coffee goes great with all things. ALL THINGS.


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