ACL Surgery - Planning and Killin' It

Today I'm rockin' another ACL repair, aw yeahhhh. It would be silly if I didn't learn from past experience. I know that it's gonna be about 4-5 days before I feel like doing much beyond sitting and poppin' pills, so I've been busting ass (which I recently learned means farting, however in this case I mean working hard) all week to prepare so that this time around, maybe I'll be able to actually rest like the doctor ordered. 

Buy and prep. I spent a small fortune on groceries last weekend to prep a bunch of healthy food to freeze and then thaw and eat. Gotta be on point with this diet game. And by diet, I of course mean food intake, not some fad diet plan I'd never consider.

All the tupperware.
All of it.

If you come to visit me, don't bring food. Bring booze and cake, obvi.

Budget to order a muhfuggin' stuffed crust pizza. Meal prep is great and all, but surgery hurts and sometimes pizza makes the hurt go away a little bit. Plus, omfg have you even had stuffed crust pizza?

Clean all the things. I did all of my laundry last night, but lezbehonest, it's probably going to stay wrinkled up in the dryer for the next week or so. (Old habits.) I washed all of my dishes, cleaned the bathrooms and made things easily accessible. Like my flats (goodbye shawty heels, I'll see you again one day).

Think ahead. Y'all, I LOVE Christmas. I always have. Putting up the tree is my favorite, and like most people, my Christmas stuff is in the attic. Unlike most people, I'm not going to be able to get up in my attic to get it down. I enlisted help getting it down and put my tree up earlier this week because I have a totally valid reason to be decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving. Not that I even need it.

I put bottles of water (I'm sorry, environment. It's just for a little while.), extra clothes and snacks near my couch so I don't have to get up too much to get stuff. Ever tried to carry anything when you're on crutches? Shit gets real. I put my toothbrush in my downstairs bathroom because stairs are life-ruiners post-ACL repair. Life. Ruiners. I also dug up my backpack to carry things around, especially when I go back to work. Stoked about crutching around my office. No, really. 

Colace. I don't know if you know this, but they give you pain medication when you have surgery. (The only reason I'm even doing it.) The thing is, taking pain meds can stop up your pipes ifyaknowwhatimean (poop). I don't need that in my life, so I'm prepared. This bottle of Colace has gotten me through a C-Section and my first ACL repair. I've built a relationship with it. (Now that I think about it, it may be expired. Whatever.)

Gas. (For my CAR.) Getting gas for my car is one of my least favorite things about being an able-bodied adult. Enter post-surgical pain, a cumbersome straight-leg brace, crutches and cold weather. NOPE. I filled up my tank to delay the inevitable for as long as possible and maybe I'll luck out and someone else will pump my gas for me when I need it. I'm merely a crippled female.

Rest. Listen, don't be jelly that I'm gonna sit on my couch and watch Star Wars all day on Saturday in machete order. Judge away, honeybadger don't give a fuck. This time around I may mix it up and follow the rehab schedule instead of getting ahead of myself, then maybe my knee will heal properly and won't hurt every time I run. I mean, maybe. Doctors probably know what they're talking about, I guess. Anywho, think happy thoughts, y'all! I'm probably currently in an anesthetized and/or pain killer stupor, just now beginning the long road to recovery. 1 day down, 179 to go!


  1. It ate my comment. Good Luck Meg! Do try and take it easy this time ;)

    Also, that prep list was legit. Thinking of doing that for the weekend just so I can be as lazy as possible. Haha.

  2. "because honeybadger don't give a fuck" - reason number 1099 that we should be BFFs. Reason number one why it'll never happen? I've never seen star wars in completion. - but this Honeybadger don't give a fuck. still love you.

  3. Positive thoughts coming your way. I hate those first few days post surgery!

  4. Thinking of you! My surgery is on the 17th so I know it's a long recovery too. I also plan on resting up this time and doing most of my PT stuff. :)

  5. Angela (@Spamgela twitter and @Cookiemomster IG)November 10, 2014 at 6:47 AM

    Friday was the most fun I've ever had in my life - hope you're still alive, since yesterday. I'll text you to find out about your followup. LOVE YA BUNCHES!

  6. Take it easy! Prayers to a speedy recovery. Also, I love Star Wars and I am totes jealous that you get to watch them all in order in one day!

  7. You are on top of it! I hope you heal fast....


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