Ice ice baby, dun dun dun dun dadadundun

In exciting news, I've discovered the most amazing ice packs in the history of everything from physical therapy that I use daily. Y'all. If you have any sort of chronic inflammation that you ice on the reg, you NEED one of these. Seriously, they're so good.

I confessed my love for them to my physical therapist, and she informed me that you can buy them on Amazon. Shut. Up. Give me two. So I ordered two because holy shitballs, they. are. worth. it. It's the perfect amount of coldness. It velcros so that it stays put. It stays cold for a solid 30+ minutes. And it's huge - 9"x24". Totally worth every penny. Y'all, I'm so excited about my ice packs. It's called Elastogel and you can find it HERE. See for yourself. F'real.

But seriously, it's getting realio over here. Realio boring. I'm so done with this gimp knee, I can't do anything fun. The other day I was watching Chris Hemsworth have glistening, steamy relations with some ho a female that was very pretty and tan (it was in Rush, which was actually pretty good), as I sat on my couch bundled up in the pajamas that my manfriend had to help me put on, strapped in the machine that forces my leg to bend and straighten, stuffing my face with chips leaving a crumb trail of shame down my shirt. (I'm sexy and I know it.) Chris Hemsworth and friend were all tangled up in sweat lust-thrusting to the beat of the music as the gentle purr of my CPM machine kept me firmly planted in my lame reality.

5.75 months to go.

Walking in to work I race people (they don't know it) and today I totally passed this little old lady (then I spit in her face and slapped her notes out of her hand, like you do). I quit crutches (I wish I knew how to quit you) a week after surgery, same with pain meds. It feels good to be walking again, even though I hobble for a bit at first after I get up from sitting for a long time. Even though at the end of the day I'm so tired that I will give my kid anything he wants if he just goes to sleep so I can. Even though walking isn't running. Honestly, every day is a little bit better and I get stronger and stronger. This is all like déjà vu, except I feel like it's taking longer this time. But maybe I'm just impatient, it's only been 11 days. Not that anyone's counting.


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