So what now?

Recovery is a bitch. A big. ol'. bitch. The thing is, I still have everyday life stresses like work, paying bills and my kid, who thinks it's totally appropriate to burst into a scream/crying (scrying?) fit because I asked him to put on his socks. 

In my head: Listen, you little shit. You better get it together or I'm gonna smack you with my crutches.

What I actually said: Listen, you little shit. You better get it together or I'm gonna smack you with my crutches.

Just kidding. But seriously. Don't cross me, spawn. 

The thing I typically do to relieve stress, I can't do right now. (No, not masturbate. The other thing.) It's been over a month since I've had a decent run. It's been almost that long since I've been to the gym at all. Now that I've had surgery, at least I'm in the process of healing. While it still hurts real bad (my lips hurt real bad), I know that in a few months I'll be able to get back to running bigger better stronger faster than ever. But what do I do until then? Eat all the things? Gain all my weight back?

Fuck if I know, bro. I'm no expert, I'm just some chump that lost a bunch of weight. I do know that my arms aren't injured, they can probably still pump some iron. And I know that my abs aren't injured, they could probably still sit some ups. And I know that exercise sets my mind right. And I know I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind.

So far this time it's been hella more painful. I don't know if it's because it's the second time on the same leg and my knee is all wtf, bruh NOT AGAIN, NOOOOOO! Or if it's because they repaired more in there - the ACL and both menisci. (Probably the latter.) This time I have grand plans of listening to my doc and physical therapist and not pushing my limits. Also, I definitely have to keep my diet on point since bacardio is a thing of the past and future but not the present. Cheers.


  1. Angela (@Spamgela twitter and @Cookiemomster IG)November 14, 2014 at 6:44 AM


  2. Give the recovery time. Before you know it, you'll be back in the gym and walking slowly on a treadmill. It's all about the baby steps post-ACL.

  3. Love your Napoleon dynamite reference. Hang in there.


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