Thanksgiving Leftovers Turkey Burgers

I feel like a fire has been lit. A new leaf turnt over. The fog has been lifted. Y'all, I went to the gym last night for the first time in over 6 weeks since injuring myself in the Tough Mudder. It took me 2 weeks of rest before I finally went to the doc, two more weeks of being in a funky funk from my diagnoses of torn ACL and dual menisci because I knew this recovery was gonna be a little more than just taking it easy. Now it's already been two since surgery. Hollaback. 

I'm so done with being gimped up in this brace. It's not my kinda sexy.

So anyway, today I have a fun recipe! Fact: I used to hate cooking because I didn't know what was up. That's why I ate cheap fast food (hayyyyy double bacon cheeseburger) and easy to prep meals like those frozen ones you just throw in the skillet. You know, the ones packed with sodium, preservatives, creamy sauces and calories. Then I was all, umm this has to change because I jiggle in all the wrong places. So one day I said, fuck da police, Ima learn to cook. Now I cook a whole lot once or twice a week and eat leftovers the rest of the time. My manfriend and I also cook just about every time we're together because with our forces combined in the kitchen, magical unicorns dance happy little jigs on our taste buds. If anyone asks, I'm the chef and he's the sous chef. 

Thanksgiving Leftovers Turkey Burgers

Ya need:
Ground turkey
Buns, hun. Hawaiian would be good.
Green bean casserole, prepped
Stuffing, prepped
Canned cranberry sauce

1. Form the ground turkey into patties and season liberally with salt, peper, thyme and sage. Ground turkey doesn't have the same amount of flavor as hamburger meat, so you have to rely on seasonings to make it pop. Cook it in a skillet with a scotche of olive oil. 

2. Form your stuffing into stuffing patties. Just use your fingers. (Twss.) Use a small cookie cutter to cut pickle-sized circles of cranberry sauce. You can also use a cookie cutter for the stuffing, I ain't judgin'.

3. Once the turkey is done, remove from skillet and top with a stuffing patty and a couple of cranberry sauce "pickles". Alternate method: smoosh the cranberry sauce into the top bun.

4. Toast ya buns. And then toast your hamburger buns. This will keep it from getting soggy because we're about to jump on the gravy train.

5. Build as follows: Bottom bun, green bean casserole (be sure to get some of those crunchy onions in there), turkey patty, stuffing patty, cranberry sauce, gravy (smeared on the top bun like a condiment), top bun. 

Consume your masterpiece within 1.5 seconds, because holy damn. 


  1. That sounds amazing! Definitely trying this out.

  2. This sounds amazing. When I first met the hubs him and I would cook every time we were together, probably why I went from a 6 to a 12 in almost a year and a half. We still love to share the kitchen together but it doesn't happen as often since we now have the "who ever gets home first cooks" rule. I will have to try this burger though we love a good turkey burger.


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