Peace out, 2014

It's the last day of the year. It's also the last day of physical therapy for my knee and ACL surgery a couple of months ago. Sayonara, 2014. Suck it. Actually, 2014 has been pretty good, aside from knee surgery and getting diagnosed with asshole stomach.

Technically, it's just the last day I have to attend PT because I've totally been killin' it (humblebrag)Hayl. Yes. My physical therapists said it's always the athletes who excel in PT because they want to get back to their sport, but I haven't really considered myself an athlete. I'm just some girl who lost a bunch of weight and exercises on the reg. But an athlete? Wait, is eating a sport?

Funny how big of a difference recovery is when you listen to the doctor and don't start running before you're supposed to (February 7th, not that I'm counting down). Attending PT 3x/week has made the biggest difference overall. Last go around I couldn't afford it. This time I can, and since I really want to get the show on the road with running again and I really want to make sure I have a healthy knee joint to avoid potential future surgery on the same damn knee, I go. 3x/week. Every week. It means that I skip workouts, but it's not like I can squat what my mama gave me anyway, so I'm okay with it. It means I miss out on going to lunch with my coworkers sometimes. It means I have to work late to make up the time I'm gone. It's all worth it though.

Because February 7th I'll hit the pavement again. And May 7th I'll be back to "normal", as in released from all restrictions.

So the past year has been pretty solid. In January, I ran for donuts. Best 5k ever, right? In February I swore off online dating because it's lame and the world is full of asshats with computers, or so it seemed. 

In March I drunk-painted one of my favorite drunk paintings. Fact: I usually don't drink while I paint or write. (I smoke instead.)(Just kidding.) This was an exception because it was one of those BYOB painting classes and it was super fun. Maybe I should drink more.

In April I took my kid out for the first of many "dates". I mean, how adorbs is that tie. This was coincidentally the day we started potty training, and he picked it up within a week. (#proud) I also got diagnosed with gastroparesis, which basically means asshole stomach, but technically means that my stomach doesn't work like it should so it makes eating interesting and painful if I eat too much.

In May I created an honest online dating profile because part of the reason online dating is the worst is because people are dumb with their profiles. (That profile picture tho.) In June I posted it on a real dating site to watch hilarity ensue, but I accidentally met a super nice guy who loves Star Wars and fitness and he cooks for me shirtless, is good at fixing stuff and rides a motorcycle, and we've been dating errrr since. 

In July I made the most epic shoes. I miss wearing heels - these will be my step-back-into-heels shoes on February 7th. In August I mostly just pondered things I don't understand the whole month.

September was an exciting month. My manfriend taught me how to handle a ballcock and I ran the Plano Balloon Half Marathon just to get the medal for my kiddo. He still likes to wear it sometimes.  

October was also exciting. I finished my first (and probably only, lezbehonest) Tough Mudder. I posted the race story, tips and what to do after. (Hint: It has something to do with eating a cheeseburger pantsless on the couch.) Of course, when I was posting all this I didn't realize I had re-torn my ACL and both menisci. I knew my knee hurt, but it was a couple weeks later that I finally went to the doctor because it wasn't getting better.

So in November I had ACL repair surgery again. This time I was better prepared and aside from it being WAY more painful the first few days right after surgery, the recovery has been a better experience. Might have something to do with listening to my doctor and physical therapists. MIGHT. 

Since I'm so fab at listening to my doc, in December I got a punching bag for cardio to replace running for a while and it's a workout I can do at home while my kid plays. Then I took a break from blogging to focus on holiday stuff and spending time with family and friends. I laughed and I ate all the things and it was glorious. Now it's time to kick it into gear again and get my life in order. I can't run for another month or so, but I can punch the hell outta my punching bag.

This year I'm not making any formal resolutions, other than to continue to grow better, stronger, faster and more awesome. I want to read more. I want to do more things on my bucket list. I want to add things to my bucket list. I want to finally write a book. I want to create a better nerky community. I just gotta quit pussyfootin' around and do all the things. Go forth and be awesome in 2015, fellow nerks. What are your resolutions?


  1. Happy New Year Nerk! 2014 was a good year for you despite the wonky knee!

  2. Happy New Year Meg! I hope 2015 is incredible to you!

  3. Focus on completing the various book series I own not all of instead of acting like I've got ADD when on Amazon and just buying random books because pretty cover art, participate in my towns version of Iron Chef during our wine fest, and learning how to love exercising/look good naked.

    Might also get back into blogging because my wife loves to read my short stories.

    Happy New Year Meg...:-)

  4. Happy New Year! I still love those shoes.


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