To Fitbit or not to Fitbit?

Seems like the Fitbit is the it gift this year for fitness. People keep asking me about them and which they should buy, so let's talk a tidbit about the Fitbit. A friend of mine let me borrow her Fitbit One, and one thing I did really like about it is how discreet it was. Just clip it to your bra and fuhgeddaboutit. Also, the app was really user friendly.

Here's the dealio. It really depends on who you're buying it for. Somebody who is just starting out in fitness could do great things with a Fitbit. Move mountains. Walk on water. All that jazz. (Probably not those things, actually.) Fitbits are excellent tools to force you to really think about fitness the same way tracking your calories/food/macros forces you to pay closer attention to your food and make healthy choices. When you know every single step is going toward your daily goal of 10,000, then maybe you park your car further away from the store Target entrance (are there other stores?). Maybe you take the stairs instead of the elevator. The best thing about Fitbits, or any activity trackers, is that they get your mind in the right place - thinking about how to stay active.

For someone who exercises regularly already, a Fitbit may not be ideal. It doesn't tell me anything I don't already know. It's just another gadget that will get lost in the gadget drawer of doom and sadness with my old Tom Tom GPS, busted laptop from college and Gameboy. (Just kidding, if I still had my Gameboy it totally wouldn't be in the drawer gadgets go to die. I'd be smashing my Tetris high scores, obviously.) 

So that's my two cents. If you need a boost or reminder to keep being active, then Fitbits can be awesome. Otherwise, I'd save my money. Here's something I could use, though:

Or watch it HERE. It's worth it. You're welcome.

No, I'm not referring to the cologne. I'm referring to a scruffy faced definitely-not-Captain-America Chris Evans on a motorcycle. He'll totally fit in my stocking. (Ifyouknowwhatimean.)


  1. I love my fitbit! It pushes me to get off my butt more than I ever did!

  2. Screw the fitbit, that ad was hawt

  3. Maybe that is what I need. I have the polar thingy and although I love it the watch starts to become bother-sum.

  4. I loved my Fitbit Flex and then the Fitbit Charge came out so of course I had to upgrade. I love it even more than the Flex. Its pretty great all the way around - the app is easy to use and the band is big but not too big.

    Sarah @


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