Frisky Friday: THE HOLIDAZE

I'm not sure if you remember your first holiday season with your man/woman, but there's a lot of pressure. (I mean, uh, not for us, manfriend, if you're reading this. We're different.) But seriously, that's why I had to wait til it was over to even talk about it. 

First, there are the company holiday parties. Worlds are about to collide. How cool are you with your coworkers meeting your person? The people you spend allllll day every day with are about to silently judge the hell outta the person you spend your free time and money on, and vice versa. 

DO attend the work holiday party if he invited you because you might meet your next boyfriend there. 

DON'T tell him that's your reason. 

What about the friend parties? Meeting your person's friends for the first time, or having them meet yours, at a Christmas party is a recipe for a fiery ulcer. I like all of you, otherwise I wouldn't hang out with you so much, but what if you don't like each other? WHAT IF. 

DO get obliterated drunk to calm yourself down for the party. 

DON'T drink and drive.

And then what about family stuff? Is there a point when it's expected that I bring him to family stuff? Is it an amount of time we've been dating or something? WHAT ARE THE RULES.

DO get silently pissed when he doesn't invite you to family stuff.

DON'T tell him, then let him guess why you're mad.

Then, there's gifts. Do you exchange gifts? What level of gift do you exchange? Is there a dollar amount? Is there some rule for this that I could have saved myself a lot of stress by knowing? I know he would have liked literally anything I gave him, and vice versa because we're not always assholes, but that doesn't change how stressful it is finding the most perfect gift that is both thoughtful and appropriate for the first gift exchange we have ever had, except for my birthday which was like a month after we started dating and he totally killed it which adds to the pressure, and now this is the longest run on sentence ever. 

DO hack into his bank account to see what he got you. 

DON'T be obvious about it. Be cool man.

Solid relationship advice once again from yours truly. You're welcome.

Unrelated, totally hypothetical, asking for a friend: what are the rules for first Valentine's Day? 


  1. I would also like to know about Valentine's Day, it's been a hot minute since I've dated!! lol

  2. HA! "Do get obliterated drunk..." works.every.time.

  3. Our first v-day we had been dating 4 months. I made filled a basket with his favorite snacks, a couple single bottle beers( from world market, you can find some with interesting/funny labels)some cheesy cheap vday trinkets from target , a little fill in the blank book about reasons I love him( sappy, but we were all in lurvvvv) and a card. He loved it.


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