Gimme some sugar

I love sugar. Always have. Give me ALL the cake and pie. And kisses. But mostly cookies. And chocolate. Omg and chocolate milk. And brownies. Just, all of it. Hi, my name is Nerky, and I'm a sugarholic. I'll even eat those shitty pumpkin pie flavored poptarts if they're in my house. Ew, but I draw the line if they're unfrosted. I mean, I have standards.

Combine that with the fact that I've been in sort of a limbo funk with my workout restrictions due to knee surgery and then also Christmas and blah blah blah excuses. I'm addicted to sugar, so now I've gotta kick the habit. I'm working on it and I'm grumpy about it, SO DON'T CROSS ME. I have a few tips (just the tip) to share that have worked in the past and are my go-tos for not murdering people during my sugar withdrawals.

1. Don't keep a candy bowl on your desk. Okay, technically I have a candy bowl, but it's full of Jolly Ranchers and I don't even like those. I like it when my coworkers come talk to me/use me as an excuse to get candy. Plus I make them answer a question based on whatever color they choose. Anyway, this one is self explanatory. If candy is in plain sight, you're more likely to cave and nom a piece all of it.

2. Chew gum. I like to buy the dessert flavors. I recently acquired a pineapple flavor I like, but mint chocolate chip will always be my favorite craving curber. Watermelon is good too.

3. Wean yourself off of it. Start replacing sugary treats with slightly healthier versions. What used to be a handful of candy leftover from assholes who are hellbent on fattening me up at Christmas, is now a banana cut up with a little bit of light chocolate sauce. What used to be coffee filled with sweet creamer is now coffee as black as my soul.

4. Find protein packed treats. Have you tried Quest Bars? They're sweet enough to satisfy a sugar craving and you get 20g protein to keep you full. I also like Zone Perfect bars because they have real chocolate on the outside, however they only have 14g protein. Still, it's better for you than a candy bar. Greek yogurt is a great healthy option too, just throw some chocolate chips in there and boom, lil bitta chockit, lil bitta prot.

5. Treat yoself. I'm not giving up froyo Fridays with my kid. It's our family tradition and those calories are worth it to me to have that experience with him. First day of you period? Shitty day at work? Your birthday? Your mom's birthday? Yeah, have some cake. It will taste better when it happens less often. (twss)

6. Shut down the kitchen. Dinner's over, dishes are did. No sneaking back in there for a bowl of ice cream unless you have macros leftover, which you DON'T because I saw you sneak that fun size Snickers from your coworker's candy bowl.

7. Change your habits. I used to get bored hungry, bungry if you will, while sitting in front of the tv at night. For the past few days I haven't turned the tv on at all when I got home from work and I moved my computer to a different room. I've gotten more done this way because I'm able to focus better, plus I haven't succumbed to a snack attack. Double win for the fight against night time snacking and sugar. The struggle is real, y'all.


  1. Angela (@Spamgela twitter and @Cookiemomster IG)January 7, 2015 at 6:32 AM

    I think you're taking it too far with bungry. k thanx

  2. I could have written this myself! The struggle IS real! #sugarholic

  3. I spit my water out at "Just the Tip". The minty-est gum is what gets me through. I hate the taste of eating after brushing my teeth so it mimic's freshly brushed teeth, a little.

  4. I have to brush my teeth after dinner and then keep reminding myself that "I already brushed my teeth" so I can't snack on all the sweets. I don't even buy sweets because of my addiction, but when I have a sweet tooth (erryday) I get this magical power to turn even the scarcest of ingredients into some kind of dessert.

  5. I mayyyy have already eaten an entire bag of conversation hearts. Why did they put them in the store on January 2nd??? I'm cutting the sugar out! A little makes me want a lot. Uuugghh.


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