I'm in love

with zumba.

Before you judge, you Judgey McJudgersons, I was totally one of the people on the outside of the class sweating my teets off on the stair climber at the gym looking in the window wondering if those girls knew that what they were doing wasn't a real workout. I lift weights, I'm doing real work. Do you even lift, bro?

I secretly kinda wanted to try it, but I was not about to shake my ass in that manner in a room full of that many people without any libations. Plus the instructor looked so cool in her cargo pants with one leg rolled up and cropped shirt. Wait a minute, is she wearing hoop earrings? With her hair down? There's no way that can be a legit workout. No. Way.

That was until I got a zumba dvd kit complete with 1 lb. free weights (what are these, weights for ants?) as part of a white elephant gift exchange over the holidays. You mean...I can zumba in secret? In. Done deal. Sign me up. 

Here's the thing, I supersuck at it, but idgaf because my dog and my kid are the only ones who see me and my dog doesn't care about anything unless you have food and my kid gets as excited about zumbaing as I do.

Honestly, I think it's a great workout depending on what your goals are, plus you learn how to booty bounce like J Lo. Win win. I apologize for the judgey thoughts I once had toward zumba, please forgive me, universe. I should have known, my best betch lost at least a gazillion pounds doing jazzercise, which is basically zumba minus sex.

She also eats right, for the record.
Snot just about shakin' dat ass.

So the verdict is in: zumba is a go and I shouldn't have waited so long to try it out. I guess that's what I get for being a judgmental cow. Now to venture into a real life zumba class with real life people. Am I ready for that? Is the world ready for that? We'll find out.


  1. Girl...go to a Zumba class! I teach it and there is NO comparison in the fun and the workout you'll get in a live class vs. doing it at home. It's way better with others! And don't worry about them judging you...they are all there lost and finding their way as they dance- the only one who knows what she is doing is the instructor. :)

  2. You just have to let the worry about people looking at ya GO (let it go, let it go...yeah, I said it) when you walk into class. You will have more fun the more IDGAF's you don't give. Shake it, roll it, move it - totally fun, and yes, a great workout.

  3. Doing the DVDs made me feel sooooo much more confident when I went to a live class last week. And the instructor made sure to tell me - there are no mistakes, just spontaneous solos!

  4. Angela (@Spamgela twitter and @Cookiemomster IG)January 30, 2015 at 7:02 AM

    hey, that's me! and JAZZ EXUDES SEXXX!!!

  5. Hey im Kathy from Montreal Canada and i've been reading your blog for a year now and i am a zumba fanatic. I lost 18 pounds doing it. I had to eat right and stop breakfasting on chocolate also but zumba is great. At my gym we have a passionate teacher and i kind of have a ''click'' of girls and we encourage each other and we carpool so if you dont feel like it you have to go anyway cos you're driving so if ya dont want to be a bitch then ya go. So my advice is go for it. You will get addicted. We also do zumba step here wich is harder cos you have a step and they except you to go up and down on it. so yea pardon my english im french and i get lost in translation sometimes. (love bill murray)!! I love that zumba has a bad rep, yes some ppl take it easy and dont burn alot of calories but it's up to you to give it all you have and jump and shake like a crazy person to burn more calories. so congrats on your discovery and have fun.

    1. Damn, Nerky's gone international! Zumba step sounds awesome, I'm gonna have to look for that at my gym.

  6. Kathy again: i do not love that zumba has a bad rep i meant to say i hate. can you get nervous commenting for the first time. yes, the answer is yes.

  7. Woo!! We have an instructor come to our work on Thursdays lunch-wellness and we all say it ' what happens in Zumba, stays in Zumba!' and just let loose!
    I wore my HRM out of habit for it two weeks ago and in our worksite 30minute session ended up with a solid 250cal burn, for 30min. boom.

  8. Zumba dancing is best portrayed as a fun, joyful Latin propelled wellness class that joins every one of the rhythms in Latin music. I never tried zumba but familiar with it and planned to start in a short time. Now I am just collecting helpful resources for zumba and your's one is good. Upon my short research I understand that zumba is a great option to burn calories with fun and it definitely keep us fit.

  9. I furtively kinda needed to attempt it, however I was not going to shake my can in that way in a room brimming with that numerous individuals with no drinks. In addition the educator looked so cool in her payload pants with one leg moved up and trimmed shirt. Hold up a moment, would she say she is wearing circle studs? With her hair down? It is extremely unlikely that can be a genuine workout. No. Way.

    Sheldon H. Morrow


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