Saturday Circuit

Saturday workouts are my favorite of the whole week, especially when it's vurry, vurry nice out like it was this past weekend. I set up a circuit in my garage and driveway and go through it 3ish times. My kid is always out there with me, watching and learning and helping. And by "helping", I of course mean jumping on my back to plank it out for a minute thrice. (I hate the word "thrice", I'm sorry for using it.) I love that he wants to participate though. He also helped me drink my water and eat a protein bar post workout. Pickiest eater in the world and he'll eat a caramel MetRX bar? What a cute little hoss. #gottaprot

He's at a really cool stage right now where he sees everything I do and wants to do it too, and he listens to everything I say and wants to say it too. The other day he used the world "realized" properly in a sentence. I mean, he's 3. That's pretty amazing. He also said "damn it", so ya know, ya win some, ya lose some.

Side note: You guys, I get all my home fitness gear over time and on the cheap. When I first started out, I didn't have a damn thing. Strike that, I had a pair of 3 lb. dumb bells. I mean what even is that about. I still have them, maybe I should wear them as earrings or something. (Swole ears.)  Anyway, my point is you don't need all this stuff to get started. You need to pay attention to what you eat first and foremost, and then get your body moving however you can, whether it's a workout video or taking a walk after dinner.

My circuits nowadays include a lot of knee therapy mixed in with regular exercises, so if you have a gimp knee this circuit might be good for you. My current knee goals are building my quads and hammie strength back up and working on balance.

Balance ball for knee rehab:
- flat side down, stand on ball on one leg for 1 minute x2 (I only do this with my injured leg to build my balance back up)
- flip it over, stand on the flat side and do 20 squats x2

- 25 crunches
- 50 bicycles
- 25 reverse crunches
- 1 minute plank + 38lb. wiggly toddler x3

After mat:
- 20 weighted lunges (each leg) - I wound up just holding my kid instead of using weights
- 20 squats with arm raises + 5lb weights
- Squat hold for a minute

Battle ropes:
- 20 per arm x3

Wall ball
- 20 squats x3 - I did 2 sets of squats where I slammed it down on the ground and 1 set where I threw it straight up in the air between each squat

"Cardio" for knee rehab
- Grapevine up and down my driveway
- Sumo walk with resistance band
- Toe taps using a step for 1 minute

Pick a thing from each category and do the circuit 3 times. Boom, profit.


  1. Is it terrible I don't want to share my expensive protein bars with my kids? I mean, hello!! I need the protein not you kiddo...and at $2.50 a pop I want to tell them go eat a .50 cent granola bar!

  2. Swoll ears.. you should make that a thing... hahahah - Crys


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