Shut up, did you see Kate Hudson's dress last night on the Golden Globes? Gorg. I love award shows. My favorite part is when they play the "wrap up" music and the winner does not, in fact, "wrap up", but instead begins to visibly sweat and speak quickly, and then the music gets louder, and then the winner raises his/her voice and still speaks with the quickness until pretty soon a B level actor is yelling gratitude over orchestral music. 

I also love the dresses. Maybe it's because I'm a girl, or maybe they're just pretty. I also like mascara and heels and pink stuff and flowers. Things that are pretty.

But you know what? I like "man" stuff too. I can do "man" stuff too. I have to. I will not set the example for my son that women are one way and men are another and there is no in between. Sure, I'm completely useless at some things, but it's not because I'm a woman. It's because sometimes I suck at stuff as a person. Sure, sometimes I need help, but it's not because I'm a woman. It's because I don't have the knowledge or experience to complete the task as a person. I cry in sad movies, but I am not weak. I can fix my fence and ride a motorcycle, but that doesn't mean I'm not feminine. I'm just a human, doing the things my life requires that I do in order to be successful. That means I ask questions and learn to do things myself. It means I try new things and learn all I can so that one day when my son has a question about how to drive a stick shift or what gift to take to a baby shower, I can answer both.

Being strong isn't just about lifting weights.


  1. I didn't watch the Golden Globes. I pretty much just watch awards shows for their musical performances. I also don't do much manly stuff, except once I did so my hubs documented it with photographic evidence.


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