Confesh Sesh. I'm not a huuuuuuge fan of the Lord of the Rings movies. I've seen them all and I'm 98.3% sure I own them still wrapped in their plastic packaging. Maybe they'll be a collector item some day when I'm old and I can take them to the pawn shop on Pawn Stars and get lowballed on their value. 

The thing is, I've at least seen them. I gave them a shot, all of 'em, and they're fine, I'm just not gonna be all up your ass about the specifics, mostly because I can't keep up with who's who and where's where. Plus they're all so effing long. (twss) Speaking of, I saw the most recent Hobbit movie with my manfriend over the weekend and he broke up with me because I asked if Bilbo was a Dwarf. (Insert appropriate emoji to reflect my immediate shame here.)

Anyway. LOTR (and The Hobbit, I suppose) are epic trilogies that I saw because I don't live under a rock. So my point is, how can a person go without seeing a single Star Wars movie? Are you one of these people? Please tell me how this happens. It's all over the damn place, aren't you curious about what the hype is all about? I totally get not liking the movies and even not seeing all of them, because I'm open-minded and understanding of other cultures. But not seeing any of them? Wrong answer. If we're gonna be friends, I'll need to educate you.

There's really just one lesson.

Young Harrison Ford. For more, please watch Star Wars Episodes IV-VI and/or click here to make your Monday feel like a Friday. (Also, Carrie Fisher nippage. At the link, not in the films. Unless there are some gold bikini outtakes.)


  1. My 7 year old son is totally obsessed with Star Wars so for Christmas I bought him the whole set on blu ray/dvd and last week I watched my very first one. Have to admit it was pretty good.

  2. I'm with you on LOTR I've seen them but I can barley keep up with who is where, doing what, & why. I've watched cause the hubs really likes them. At least we can agree on the awesomeness that is star wars lol.

  3. I'm with you. I've seen all the LOTR movies and all Hobbits and I've only continued to watch them because I felt it was my duty. I don't like to start a series and stop. Star Wars though. I've seen a decent amount (mostly when I was younger). I need to rewatch them though because I've forgotten most of it!

  4. Oh yes to that link! Who knew young Harrison Ford was so HOT? We forget these things!

  5. I'd like to say it's just as difficult to keep track of when and where Luke and the gang is through three movies but let's face it, those planets are basically color coded.

    I read the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings before I watched Star Wars, so maybe that's why I'm one of those guys who misquotes Dante, "There's only one Return, and it's of the King, not of the Jedi!"

    The Star Wars cartoons are killer though...:D

  6. That's an appropriate comment for your manfriend to break up with you over. ;) Overall, I'm with you. At least watch them. It's okay to not like them (but you better run you fools if you do not! Ha!).

  7. If you include Spaceballs as a Star Wars movie then yes, we are still friends! If not, I'm out.


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