Why did the chicken cross the road? Who cares, that sweater looks fabulous.

I was gonna do a real post today about all the stuff I did this weekend, but then I figured ehhhhhhhh no one cares so instead here are a bunch of things I wish I came up with but didn't.

This amazing shop name and jewelry:

OF COURSE I need a Loki ring in my life. I may have impulse ordered her Always necklace the moment I saw it. I mean, it's not errday you can have jewelry to match your tattoo.

These hilarious Valentines:

From YesUMaystationery on Etsy

Personally, I don't have a problem with Valentine's Day. It's a sweet idea as long as you don't get weird about it. I'll just be waiting for my $500 bouquet of flowers at the door tapping my toe with my arms crossed. Totally legit normal behavior. 

And finally, this tutorial to make a chicken sweater. Seriously, it's a thing.

The lavender really brings our her eyes.

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  1. If there were more chicken sweaters in the world I'm pretty sure world peace would just be a given. I mean, come on. How can you kidnap people when a chicken wearing a sweater is judging you? Seriously.


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