February 7

It's come and gone, the day I've been counting down to for three months. It was Saturday, but I was too busy livin' my life on the weekend to write things. Y'all, I drove a motorcycle. Like, by myself. No ridin' bitch for me. Fact: turns out height matters when determining whether or not one can operate a bike, and I barely made the cut. You mean you have to be able to reach the ground when you're sitting on it? I may have been rockin' it with my tippy toes.

Pretty sure I've ridden my bicycle faster than I drove that motorcycle, but I drove it nonetheless. Leaving first gear is overrated anyway.

Anyway, that was just a happy coincidence. The thing I was really counting down to was the day I could run again - three looooong months after my second ACL and meniscus repair. I waited it out. I didn't cheat. I calmed the eff down and just...waited. I relaxed. I didn't push it. I. Just. Waited.

So on Sunday morning, I ran/walked a half mile around my neighborhood. And....it was anti-climactic. It felt like it was my first time, like fawn learning to walk. It's gonna take a lot of work and the right balance of motivation and caution to get back to the level I was before I was injured without hurting myself again. I'm so done with knee surgery, f'real. I just realized I might be a grown up making healthy grown up choices. Ew, it's weird. (Disregard the picture of me on a motorcycle without a helmet, re: healthy grown up choices.)

The other reason this weekend was an important milestone? I'm back in heels, baby, aka back to tricking everyone into thinking I'm a reasonable height. Pumped about it. (See what I did there? Pumped? Like pumps? It was a stretch.)

And The Grammys were on? Color me overwhelmed. I LOVE awards shows, y'all, especially The Grammys, because I love the performances I can finally see what my favorite musicians look like. Who knew Juanes was so good looking? (Tienes la camisa negra? Quitárselo, por favor.) And I dig Sia's whole style and story with the dancers. I see you, Kristen Wiig. Damn gurl, you go. And I know it's total cheese, but I really love that one Ed Sheeran song. ("Thinking Out Loud") Also I felt like a hundred years old when I realized his album is called "Multiply" and not "X". Gingers always were a clever lot.

AND The Walking Dead returned? I can't. It's too much for one glorious weekend.