How to KEEP weight off

I've kept off my 70 pounds for like 2 years or something now. (High five!) I fluctuate a bit between 130-135, and eventually I want to get lower, like 120. That's a reasonable goal for my 5'2" frame if I could just PUT DOWN THE MOTHERTRUCKING SNACKS AT NIGHT. I mean, Jesus be some self control, seriously.

It's just that popcorn is so good. And chips. And the chocolate my friend sent me from Germany. The struggle.

Anyway, even with my faults and some not-awesome habits, even with cutting wayyyyyy back on exercise due to knee surgery last November, I've still kept off my 70 pounds. But how? What is this sorcery? Well, it's an ancient magic spell called "create good habits, stop making excuses and make life changes". Then after months of consistency and hard work, POOF, you're healthy and fit. 

What it's not: fad diets, juice cleanses, etc. If you tell yourself "Okay I rilly wanna lose 15 pounds, so I just gotta stop eating carbs til my sister's wedding in June," then you will maybe lose some weight, and then as soon as you reintroduce carbs into your diet, you will gain it all back and then some. I see it happen on the reg.

My habits:
I carry a water bottle with me everywhere. I started when I was in my third trimester during the hottest summer Dallas has had in the past 20 years. You don't have to go balls out and carry around a gallon jug of water everywhere you go. Get a reusable water bottle and start taking it to work. Leave it on your desk and drink throughout the day. If you don't have to get up a million times to fill up a tiny cup with water, you're more likely to drink more. You will be getting up to pee, though. That's just science. Before? I didn't drink much water at all. I ate food instead. Like pizza rolls and pop tarts.

I eat off of small platess. At first it was just to get my portion sizes under control, and now it's just something people judge me for when they come to my house for meals. Before? I ate off of...regular sized plates. Well, that was anti-climactic. Essentially, I ate more than was necessary.

I have easy, healthy snacks available and just as convenient as driving through Taco Bell. Lawd, just GIVE me that quesarito in and around my mouth. But NO. I have a protein bar in my purse. I always have hard baked eggs in my fridge, protein bars and fruit hanging around. Before? Helloooooo Snickers bar in the afternoon. How YOU doin' McDonald's while I'm out running errands?

I exercise 4-6 times/week and I mix it up. I run, do yoga, do zumba, lift weights, do crossfit, ride my bike, and so on. You gotta keep it interesting, like your online dating profile. Before? I would go to the gym one time, get on the elliptical for an hour and call it donezo for a week or two.

So how do you keep weight off? You create good habits and keep them. For the record, I still totally eat carbs. Like a lot.


  1. I'm struggling big time. What use to work for me, like pre-baby, doesn't work any more. I tried Whole30 and saw some results but not much. Now I'm back on WW and again, I'm seeing very little results. I'm going to stick to WW the rest of March but in April I'm thinking of just watching my calories. I run and do Piyo. I try to watch my carbs bc I know that's a major problem for me.

    1. Have your tried counting macros? If you google "macro calculator" you can find one that will tell you how much protein, fat, carbs and calories you should be eating to reach your goal. You could also try mixing in some weight lifting with your cardio.

  2. I look at myself in my underoos on a regular basis to help me stay motivated. Or even nakey. It gives me motivation to keep working on me. You know, in a non crazy way.

  3. So many of these points hit home---but I think my biggest one on this list is carrying water with me. If I'm carrying it, I drink it. Period.



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