I can haz abs?

Yesterday I got my body fat percentage tested by a bro'd out 40-something gymrat wearing Bono glasses and under armour, so I guess it's getting pretty serious. It's 23.5%, which puts me in the ideal/fitness/athletic range depending on where you're looking. Some charts say average, some say I'm overweight, some say I'm fit. It's neat how it's not standardized. Super helpful.

I'm pretty stiz-oked that it hasn't changed basically at all since my workouts have been less intense and frequent since surgery. The thing is, I made a goal with myself a while ago that I would have a flat stomach by Summer 2015 so that I could run outside on the surface of the sun in a Texas summer confidently in just a sports bra. As in, no shirt. Sun's out, guns out, amiright? Turns out summer is a-fast-approachin' and I'm, uhhmmmm, still jiggly.


I bought the most awesome sports bra as motivation/because I'm addicted to Amazon. Obviously it's way too rad to be covered up by a shirt (unless I wear a white button up, right?), so I need to cut my body fat percentage down so I can jiggle less. I started by throwing away my Oreos. Baby steps to GAINZ.


  1. If those were Batman shorts you'd have a whole Super Friends thing going on.


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