I'm in the wrong field

As I was prying myself out of bed this morning an hour later than I should be getting up because it's cloudy outside and I'm tired from working all week, it dawned on me that I'm in the wrong profession. Why should I have to get up and go to my 8-5? I have yoga pants. I have a tiny, cute dog I can carry everywhere. I have fake blonde hair. I love overpriced lattes. 

I should be a trophy wife. 

- You can drink Starbucks everyday and not worry about your budget. You could even get a VENTI! Just kidding, trophy wives get grandes, max, to maintain their girlish figure. Tall? That's for poor people, bless their souls.

- You don't have to wake up for anything, except maybe a vaginal steaming appointment.

People who go to neighborhood pools? LOL. During the day while people are working, you are poolside at your own backyard oasis chasing speed with skinny margaritas. 

- People look at you funny if you don't dress your dog in people clothes.

- When your car needs an oil change, you just buy a new one.

And none of this is with money you had to work to earn, so you don't have to worry about stress wrinkles or filing taxes.

- Potential for a loveless marriage. 

Looks like the pros outweigh the cons in this case. 


  1. lmao.... Dam it I am in the wrong profession too and in a marriage full of love. Where did I go wrong.


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