Not pizza

I just went in my pantry to smell cookies. I might have a problem. They just smell so...delicious. Like they'd probably rather be inside me than in the cold, dark package.

Confession: Last week I ate a whole row of Oreos in one day. Technically it could have been worse. Could have been one sitting. Or a whole package. But still, the struggle. (The strug, for short.) On the flip side, I haven't eaten a single Oreo since that day. So basically I binge, and then I'm cool. Seems like a healthy approach. (Sarcasm.)

I had a hectic week last week, and when I'm super busy I tend to let my food guard down a little bit more. I'm more likely to try the new sriracha quesarito from Taco Bell (<3) - it wasn't as good as I was hoping. Womp.

But here's the thing, you know what I've never had? A person on my healthy eating team. By that, I mean someone there to make turkey bacon and eggs for us when all the kids get pancakes and butter flavored syrup. 

Someone who gets hungry mid-day and figures I probably am too and offers me an apple instead of the leftover birthday cake I would have eaten without that extra motivation. It's nice, and makes it a lot easier to make healthy choices when someone else is there making them with you.

Someone who works out most days and knows the struggle of wanting to look hella good nekkid, but also wanting pizza. It really makes all the difference, being with someone who encourages you to be healthier. Manfriend on point.


  1. My wife and I joined a gym yesterday...I suspect we will soon know first hand of "The Struggle".

    Also, now I want pizza...


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