Barrier: Burgers are also delicious. And cake.

Captain's Log, May 2015:

Day 8 at the pretty people gym and no signs of any Star Wars, Star Trek or superhero shirts. Fuhggeddabout Lord Swoledemort. Will continue search. //

I had my assessment with a personal trainer over the weekend - you know, that one free visit with a trainer you get when you join a new gym so that they can upsell more training sessions. They gave me a form to fill out and one of the questions was "What success have you had with nutrition and what barriers have you met?" What kind of question is that? 

Success: I ate some healthy food. 
Barrier: Um, pizza is really delicious.

Is that not how everyone would answer that?

I'm happy I did it because I found out that my body fat percentage is 21.8%, and the last time I measured (March of this year), it was 23.5%. SHIT YEAH. That makes me feel hella better about my weight not really changing much. That just goes to show you that the scale isn't everything. (Probably should celebrate with some pizza.)

It wasn't that good.
Lol jk pizza is always good.

But then he said ideally I should be 15-18%. Well, dicks. I guess I jumped the gun with the pizza, but this is what happens when you go out with your fit friend who is not about that pizza lyfe. You run to your fridge when you get home like a fat kid home from diet camp and eat sweet, sweet leftover pizza before you even take off your heels. Then you fall asleep on your couch with crumbs on your face like a true American.

Tri training update: My dad surprised me with a mountain bike he bought from a flea market and a Groupon for a bike tune-up! I guess I won't do the race on my cruiser with my pom in the basket after all. Maybe if it would ever stop monsooning in Dallas, I'd go out for a decent ride. T-12 days til I shit my pants and pass out do my first (sprint) trialthon, eek!