May the 4th be with you

A work friend of mine came into my office the other day with IMPORTANT WORK STUFF, aka she showed me a picture and said, "I immediately thought of you!"

Are. They. Not. Perfect? She hand paints custom designs and she has all sorts of Star Wars, LOTR and Harry Potter things happening. Pretty sure my manfriend would die if I got the Boba Fett ones.

But I mean, I made those Wonder Woman shoes. I paint wall murals. I have white shoes packed away in a box in the attic that contains random stuff from that one time I got married and had a wedding, including but not limited to, my size 12 wedding dress that my maid of honor was so kind to tell me "Oh, but wedding dresses run small, you're not that big", because she was on point with her MOH game. 

I can DIY this so hard just in time for Star Wars Day. (Today, may the 4th be with you.)

Something about me is that I prefer silence when I paint so that I can focus. Something my kid is not great at is providing silence, but we got it done. He was stoked to paint his very own picture while painted my shoes. It's a lovely gray and blue abstract piece we named "Messy Lines On Coloring Book Page". He has true potential.

I simplified the design a bit, got my craft paint and some old-almost-forgotten-about white heels, and boom, hand painted R2-DShoes for $0. 

Now maybe I should dig out that old wedding dress, get it taken in to fit and paint it to match. I mean, not to get married or anything, just to wear out to da club and grocery shopping and other places people go.


  1. Love. These.
    They are totally you... could you give me just an ounce of your creative/artistic abilities? Thanks much!!

    1. You can totally DIY these! It was easier than I thought.

  2. love it!! Love it even more that you just DIYed it just as nice!! #craftgeekforthewin

  3. My hero. I can maybe DIY these :-D in time for December.

    1. You totally should! It was easier than I thought.

  4. Replies
    1. I find your lack of faith disturbing. You can totally do it!


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