Pretty people gym

I joined one of those "pretty people" gyms, y'all. The ones with towel service and 16 pools and tan, thin people that don't sweat. I was sucked in by the spaceship treadmills that not only show a video to make it seem like you're running on the beach, but they also make you a latte and pat you on the ass when you're done.

I don't know what I was thinking. 

Anyway, BIG NEWS: I think I my stomach might be ready for me to run in a sports bra sans shirt. Next up, get me one of J.Lo's dresses from the Billboard awards. I'll wear it to work, it'll be great.

And just, all the goals.
I mean seriously. She's gorg.

WHY is my stomach ready, you ask? Because it's tighter (and I'm down a dress size, holla!) from switching up my workouts from the same ol' weights and running routine everyday to include biking and swimming as well. And also because it's my stomach, my rules. I'll run outside in a sports bra if I want to. I'll also end a sentence in a preposition because I am a goddamn rebel.

The funny thing is, my weight isn't much different. Maybe a couple of pounds lower on a good day before I've eaten anything and after I've peed? But also maybe no change at all. So that's cool and not confusing. The really weird thing is I have been doing a terrible job at eating clean. Seriously, I put my kid to sleep, and then I eat his gummy bears and ice cream. It's legiterally (legit+literally, you're welcome) the worst. Tell me I'm not the only one.


  1. Legiterally might be new favorite word :)

    1. Is it...legiterally your new fave? See what I did there.

    2. Proof it is already catching on! Re-used within its own commentary :)


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