Do you ever get anxious? I do. Being in a room full of strangers stresses me out. I generally don't make eye contact with people in public because oh god what if somebody talks to me. I'm sweaty just thinking about it. Honesty bomb: I'm super shy around new people and RILL awkward. I ramble too much and then leave long awkward silences to make up for it. My cheeks turn red very easily, and having flushed cheeks is the cherry on top of a perfect encounter. I don't do well speaking in front of a group either - I run on pure adrenaline and talk too fast and run the risk of passing out every time.

It's a thing I just deal with. Like my asshole stomach and the dangers of driving a car every day. People are all weird and those are some of my weird things. Maybe by powering through, I'll force myself to get better over time? Hopefully. Once I get comfortable with people, I can relax and be more conversational, but that first encounter is always awkward. 

So yesterday, everything was going according to plan for the Danceton (I have no idea how to pronounce that) class I did at lunch. I walked in just as it was starting and took a spot on the back row to be invisible. I had an awesome time twerking to the beat and booty bouncing (same thing..?) for a while until, all of a sudden about 20 minutes in, the instructor lost her damn mind and left her raised platform at the front and came to the back and started dancing there. We all turned around and, you guys, that put me on the front row. In a room full of strangers. The very first time I tried this class. I almost hyperventilated. I CANNOT TWERK UNDER THESE CONDITIONS. I'm sweating again. She only stayed there for one song and then went back to her platform, thank the lawd, but sweet Jesus I could feel my heart beating in my ears and I almost passed out.

But hey, I survived it and if I can survive the danceton incident of 2015, you can get your ass up and get your workout in today. Boom, motivation. 

Butt goals.
If you can crack a walnut with your butt cheeks, please send a video immediately.
No weirdos.