Dear Santa, I would like a bike for Christmas in July

Well it's a good thing I got into an inexpensive sport. You only need a wetsuit, goggles, tri suit, road bike, bike shoes and running shoes to participate. And then you have to pay for the races. Plus, all the extras, like a helmet, energy chews, bike tire repair kits and slippery ointments for where your suit rubs (or where your thighs rub together, whatever). Neat. For running, you need shoes and that's kinda it. So this is new.

I dunno about all that other stuff, but I will tell you that I will not do another race on a mountain bike. Talk about putting in extra work. (When Britney told me that I bettah work, bitch, I don't think this is what she meant.) I test rode a road bike the other day and the difference is pretty astounding, so I'm gonna need a sugar daddy to come buy me a road bike to smash my son's piggy bank and spend the doll hairs (all $0.37 of it)Mama needs a bike, kid. You already have one. Fair is fair.

He's supportive though, he wants to race with me one day. Maybe he will be the 12 year old that leaves me in the dust.

Triathlete in training.