I was hoping to cross triathlon off my bucket list yesterday, but due to torrential downpour for the entire month of May combined with a sewage spill last week, the swim portion of the race was canceled and replaced with a 1.5 mile run, turning it into a duathlon instead. Curses to you, sewage! (*shakes fist*)

This whole experience was totally new for me, and can I say that I dig it? Every single person I met was kind and helpful and remembered my name when they cheered me on as they passed me later. This was my first big race since ACL surgery 7 months ago, and I'd put a sprint tri duathlon (du?) on the same effort level as maybe a half marathon. It takes around the same amount of time and you're tired after but not dead. Actually, it probably would have taken significantly less time if I didn't do the thing on a mountain bike. My time was 2:06 and literally everyone passed me on the bike leg of the race. But hey, I finished 11th in my age group! (Out of 12.)

I'm not kidding, I passed exactly zero people on the bike. I don't know if it was me or the bike or just general lack of experience, but holyshitballs that part was hard. Anyway.

Arrive in transition area and set up you bike, then wait around for 2 hours until the race starts. Anxious-pee twice.

People kept asking if this was our first race.
As if it was obvious or something.
What, did my lack of race gear and my sweet mountain bike with yellowed butt pads give my n00b status away?

Leg one - 1.55 mile run 
My friend and I kept awesome pace at a 9:21 minute mile. Feelin' good. Running is the tits. Triathlons are the tits. Duathlons are the tits. Everything is the tits.

Leg one done, headed to bike.

Leg two - 14.5 mile bike ride
Mile 1 - Day-um, did my app just say I'm doing 16 minute mile (EDIT: 16mph. A 16 minute mile would be WAY slow on a bike. Muhbad.)? I'm FLYING!
Mile 2 - SHIT it's only been 2 miles?! Kill me. Maybe one of these cars will hit me so I can stop.
Mile 3 - My ovaries pounding against the confines of my abdomen is an excellent reminder that today is the first day of shark week.
Mile 4- You know what makes you feel really out of shape? When the 12 year old passes you. TWELVE. (They write your age on your calf.) Get outta my face with your youthful energy.
Mile 5 - Oh, there goes a 64 year old. I'm not even mad, that's amazing. Fitness goals when I'm 64. (Also my fave Beatles song.)
Mile 6-9 - I could REALLY use a down hill slope here, y'all.
Mile 10 - Oh shit, 10 miles done! I've got this!
Mile 11-13 - I'm really not stoked about running a 5k after this.
Mile 14 - Are my ovaries going to explode out my back? I wonder if I'll still get a finisher medal.

Leg two done, one more to go!
Don't let our smiles fool you, we were tired AF.

Leg three - 3.1 mile run
I can barely walk and they want me to run? I literally cannot. I lumbered along awkwardly like a fawn learning how to use its legs before I walked for a bit to regroup, then I just wogged the whole muhfugga. 

I just crossed the finish line.
Thank the lawd.

Even at 9am it was hot as balls out, cooking the sewer lake to create a nice odor to waft into your mouth and nose as you ran by. Super.


I actually really enjoyed the race as a whole, and I'm even thinking of taking the leap and getting a real road bike. I do still have to do a triathlon afterall. Plus, the bar is set pretty low so I bet I'd kick my own ass, PR-wise. I love winning. 


  1. Congrats on your first duathon! Bummer about the swimming part but yea, I'm thinking you should definitely have skipped lake poo-poo. Great job finishing!

  2. woah! You did the 5k after riding? that's where the wobbly legs would do me in! I'd be up for a duathlon if it was just running and swimming. hmmm....may need to look into that for my bucket list plan, baby steps up from the basic run without committing to a half.

    1. Yes, generally triathlons are swim-bike-run in that order, and I almost fell down from wobbly legs when I got off my bike! Definitely had to walk it off. It does get better though, but it takes about a mile before you feel normal again. Hardest mile of my life! If you find a swim/run duathlon, let me know!

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  4. Way to finish strong! Time for a road bike, though! I swear it makes a huge difference!

    1. I think you're right. I need to listen to the expert!

  5. I know you didn't get to use it this time, but when you practiced swimming with your cheeseburger swim cap, did your hair all fit in there and did it actually stay dry? I ordered one myself after seeing yours (I got the funky boxer one, since I have a boxer dog who is like my child) but haven't used it yet.

    Also, WAY TO GO! A sprint tri is also on my bucket list too, but I'm SO out of shape right now I didn't think I could do it. Your posts have inspired me to kick my butt into gear and start planning to train for a tri hopefully this fall!

    1. Yes my hair fits in it, but I have really fine hair so I never considered that to be even close to an issue I might have. A little bit of water gets in, but I think my hair is wet after swimming from sweat too.

      And thanks! I definitely think it's an achievable goal with some training - you'll do great! I'm looking for another one to sign up for now.


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