I want you, I knee-d you, oh baby oh baby

Y'all, my knee still hurts. It's been 7 months since surgery, I didn't start running until they said I could and I've kept my mileage low - no more than a 5k at a time and never two days in a row. And I always wear my brace like a good patient. Is this just life now?

It's annoying.
It's painful.
It makes me nervous to push myself.
It pisses me off.

Maybe I'm just having all the feelings because of Game of Thrones last night. (Don't worry, no spoilers.)

But seriously, getting back into vigorous exercise after surgery is HARD. You have this conflicting mindset of where you were pre-injury (killin' it at Tough Mudder) and what you're able to do now (eat cheetos and weep). You have to take it slow when all you want to do is what you were able to do before. You have to push it just enough to get stronger, but not too much lest you reinjure yourself (been there, done that). It's really very frustrating, but it could be a lot worse. Just gotta tough it out until my quad muscle gets back to normal size. Easier said than done.

Wook at that pwecious wittle baby quad.

Also worth noting, I could stand to work on my spray-sunscreen application skillz. Splotchy leg sunburn is not a good look.


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