Quadzill...no I just need help sitting. Please?

My legs be HURTIN', y'all. Like, can't-walk-normally-and-pissed-about-my-stairs hurt. Especially when I got ALL the way upstairs and realized I left my phone on the couch. Downstairs. 

Going down is so much worse than coming up. (twss) 

It all started when I went balls out on Friday with a warm-up mile through Germany on the spaceship treadmill, followed quickly by:

3x10 box jumps
3x15 kettlebell swings with 20#
3x30 seconds toe taps

Followed quickly by brief death, followed quickly by an airplane shower (wash under the wings and the cockpit) and then I went back to work.

Life went on after my workout, until Saturday when walking became a bit of a challenge. I had to use my hands to brace myself to sit down to pee (the perfect moment for one of these). My kid wanted to climb all over me and I just couldn't even. And then I went to sleep, hoping it would subside the next day and NOPE. Dare I say it was worse the second day? YOU try pinning your kid down to give him eye drops for pink eye when your glutes, hammies and quads are legiterally on fire (okay, not literally). Mama was moving slow. 

After two days of "rest", aka no gym because I'm not about to be the mom that takes her sick kid to the gym daycare, I was feelin' better. So what did I do? A 10 mile bike ride followed by a half mile run, obviously. So now I'm back to sitting being my only non-painful option, but on the plus side, quadzilla. I need a pool boy to bring me a protein shake and massage my glutes, stat.


  1. I cannot stop laughing at "airplane shower"!! I will totally be using that term ASAP!

  2. I have totally taken and airplane shower and had no idea there was an official name for it. Mind Blown!
    I love reading your blog!!


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