That's disappointing.

Yesterday I was at the grocery store with my loinfruit. While we were looking at chicken, he said, "It's not on sale? That's disappointing," because that's a normal thing for a 3.5 year old to blurt out. I'm proud of his eloquence and I have no idea where it came from. Keep on keepin' on, child.

Full price chicken breast is not the only disappointment I faced yesterday. They canceled the swim portion of the triathlon I'm doing on Sunday, turning it into a duathlon, citing shit-stained water (technical term) aka a sewage spill in the lake. When I said I might shit my pants and pass out, I had no idea the lake would shit its pants, one-upping me in the grossest way possible.

I'll run-bike-run my lil heart out on Sunday and it will be a great experience, but a triathlon is what's on my bucket list and a triathlon is what I'll do. Just not this weekend, womp wommmp.